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Never Done One Of These So Why Not


5'6" 195.4 in pics.












Legs have excellent development in the pics, though you need to do a bit more calf work to bring up the balance if bodybuilding is your focus.
Torso very good, in front double biceps pose.
Arms would look better with some more size.
Pretty darn good effort so far. Keep up the good work.


Not bad at all! I’m not a expert by miles…and even more miles. But I felt free to chime in:)

But I would like more back on you. Lats are doing ok, but could use some more mass. For me, nothing looks as awesome as a a well developed upper back, and that is a something you can develop. Maybe some high pulls and face pulls?

Keep up the good work!


Thanks guys and I agree 110% with everything said. I am mostly a powerlifter who just recently decided I didn’t want to be fat any more and this is pretty much what I looked like underneath ha.

I pretty much have never trained arms directly, ONKY recently started training calves and I know for sure my upper back could use much more thickness. For what ever reason that seems to be something that just doesn’t respond well for me right now from an appearance standard. But, upper back, hams, and Calves even seem to be holding my squat numbers back a lot so they will be a top priority this offseason (next 6 months)


Yeah, that’s pretty darn good, not to mention your squats…