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Never done dead lifts

I’ve never done a dead lift in my life but from previous knowledge (unused although) and from the constant prodding I got from post and articles on T-mag, I figured it was time to include this excersise in my arsenal. I went with fairly light weight with several sets. My back has never been so sore, not even as sore as the time i was screwing that fat girl and she bent me over backwards. There is a line of soreness that runs from the middle of my back to my knees. But, I’ll do them again next week when leg day rolls around and pray the pain is worth the gain.

It won’t hurt forever…just a week or two, then it’ll be kind of pleasantly sore…the kind of sore that tells you you worked out nice and hard.

i recommend that you hump the fat chick at least 3x before your next leg session. this should effectivley “loosen” up the area in question. as well as providng some much needed blood flow to the “muscles.”

One of the best movements you can ever do. I just started doing them this past year. Make sure you have your form down pat. It will save a lot of pain and possible injuries. It took me a month or so to get the motion down right. Make sure you start it with the wheels. That was one the eraly mistakes I was making. They’re very much worth a little bit of soreness.

I’m a total deadlift convert - I had the same experience as you: I started a couple of months ago, with a really wimpy weight, and while I was doing them I couldn’t understand why it was supposed to be so good for the upper back…but then the next morning, I was hurting in muscle groups I hadn’t even known existed.

I think you’re really going to be impressed with deadlifts - I’m still on the newbie curve, but the gains in size and thickness have been pretty darn nifty…I’d swear I can see the growth week from week.

Of course, now I’ve become insufferable about it: I want -everyone- to do deadlifts…I’m about two steps away from going door-to-door and giving out deadlift pamphlets. :slight_smile:

ooh - you gonna love’em. you’re gonna be hurtin in places that no fat chick could ever get to. think those areas where the sun don’t shine ain’t gonna hurt? think again. those deadlifts will put you to shame.

but they will make you grow. and when i started doing deadlifts, all my other lifts increased as well due to the extra stability i gained from a stronger posterior chain. i like how you started at lighter weights to get the form down - keep looking up the deadlifts thread in the photos category where you can see other people doing deadlifts at very impressive weights (Patricia, Ko, and Goldberg especially).

Try these back issues

Dave Tate does a great article in Issue 194.

Also check out Issue 250.

I love deadlifts I started about a year ago. My
abs back legs all look better. Good advice from
all. Start light and keep the good form before you
increase weight. If you have a partner make sure
they checkout your form mybe have a fat chick check
it out keep up the good work peace.

Uh… I am a newbie and at my school, where i learned most of what i know (then relearned because they gave shitty advice) I have never been taught to do deadlifts. From what you guys are saying now I think i want to start. :smiley:

So… Where should i go to learn proper form and whatnot? links please?


Gotta love those deads.

Hate to love em’

You will enjoy the results you get from the pain in the long run. More strenght and thickness all around.


Kenbkr - that was the most beautiful haiku I’ve seen in years, it almost put a tear to my eye… :slight_smile:

Please help! i need to know how to do them (well)! :frowning:

All i see are articles on how to improve on your form. I dont have a form :-/

wek - check out http://www.bsu.edu/webapps/strengthlab/index.asp
They have video of a bunch of different lifts, including nine different deadlifts.

wek, I’m no stranger to proper deadlifting, and I’d love to help you, but If you’ve read the articles, it really shouldn’t be that hard.

The best thing I can tell you at this point is keep your head up, push your ass back, keep your back arched, and try to drive your heals through the floor. You might want to wear sweatpants or something instead of shorts your first time, though.

Go try it out, and then report back to us. If you have more specific questions that you can’t find the answers to in any of the articles, we’ll do our best to help you out.