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Never Did Planks Until Now


Holy balls. I've never done planks before and decided to start using them instead of crunches and such last week. Let me just say that I can't remember the last time my abs were so sore after so little work. I do 3 holds for like 25 seconds and am fried. Highly recommended!


Unless you are incredibly heavy then IMO planks are only useful for teaching athletes to keep a neutral spine, Ab-wheel rollouts are a MUCH harder variation...


Planks are a great assisstance exercise, especially if you load a plate or two on your back. 25 seconds is very little time though...


what is the appropriate "heavy" weight? not being smug...generally interested because i have never tried planks


25 seconds can feel like forever depending on how hard your contracting your abs. Great superset that I always like to do is Ab-wheel rollouts 4x10 and Planks 4xF.


What's with all the "Holy shit I did__________ for the first time!" threads?

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Ab workout:

A1) Hanging Leg Raises 3 x 10
A2) Eccentric Incline Cable Crunch 3 x 10

B1) DB Rollouts 3 x 10 slow
B2) Plank DB Lateral Raise w/10lb 3 x 10 each side
B3) Renegade Row w/20lb 3 x 10 each side

C1) Static Pallof Press, 30s each side x 3

Once a week is all ya need.


of topic, u changed ur avatar, nice man looking pretty shredded, nice work (no ghey)


yeah i figured it was about time i show my face around these parts o_O


side and front planks have been instrumental in rehabbing my back injury as well. i definetely plan to make them a permanent part of my injury prevention strategy