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Never Developed Arm Thickness


I've been lifting for a while now, but have never developed any actual "thickness" to my arms.

I'm 5'7 with a small skeletal structure, and my arms measure 15.5" flexed, but they're just not "thick" like some lifters are (actually most lifters LOL).

Is there a certain technique to building thicker arms? Should I be doing heavier weight for fewer reps with a very slow tempo? Or do certain exercises and avoid others?


Help me visualize (pictures preferred).

What does a 15.5" thick arm look like compared to a 15.5" thin(?) arm?


Well, I don't think a 15.5" arm is thick at all. I look at a lot of athletes and they're probably running around 17" or greater but very thick. I'll try to get some photos.


He could be meaning head on (or from behind) compared to side on ie, from the from they look narrow but from the side they look ok.

I have this problem with the difference being I dont think mine look great from the rear. But 15" isnt big anyway, no.


That's exactly it! From the front I have narrow arms, but from the side, they look good. I agree that 15.5 is not very big, so perhaps I need to focus more on my arms? So is this kind of thickness built by doing exercises slowly?

I'm attaching a pic (not of me and granted the picture of probably of some pro powerlifter or something), but you can see the definate "thickness" in the guys arms.


I know what you mean, i think its just genetic and a little hard to get over when your arm size is decent but from head on it can almost look as if you havn't trained, of course the only solution is to keep adding size though!


Pull-ups, chins and dips...
And lots of 'em... :wink:

Yeah I have the same. AFAIK it's just genetic. As small as I am now my arms were a hell of a lot smaller before I started doing the three exercises outlined above


Put on 20 lbs of muscle all over your body...you're arms will grow with or without direct isolation work.


So you agree that a 15.5" arm isn't going to look "thick", in the thread questioning why your 15.5" arm doesn't look thick?


Yes, I agree that a 15.5 inch arm is not a big arm, I'm asking how to build them so they are big and "thick".



A bigger arm will look bigger from every direction.


Hammer curl work the brachialis and (not shure) the bracoradialis, which are on the side of upper arm...this, plus adding a couple of inches, may give you the thickness you're looking for!


What do you bench, deadlift etc? How long have you been training? What routine are you on?

Without some basic info, advice is useless


Mine are 13" "cold" but they're thick in my opinion without much of a peak... Now you may have a decent peak making them seem less thick then they are... Also I did hammer curls over any other type of curl for ages and they help a lot.



is this serial?

epic fail.


Yup, laugh at my progress if you like... I don't really care... Just trying to help rather than be a completely derogative asshole. Hammer curls actually do help regardless of how big your arms are... You just use a different amount of weight.


Is this guy related to Jerm? Maybe he's ready for a BB comp. too...


Hammer curls all the way to get thickness and srsli............13 inch....is mega ultra epic fail......and as if ud say thats thick wtf is wrong with you.....im not sayin mine are big but at almost 16 inches i have the similar problem about the thickness........though the hammer curls are starting to work....give it a shot

Best of luck!