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Never Been Sicker


Father died
girl left
wrestling mentor cracked head open on a dive...massive brain damage
best friend moved back to Australia

all over the last couple months

there's no one left.


That's bad shit man, sorry to hear about it.

You'll be ok. Keep your head up.


Sorry to hear man.

Hang in there.


Parents should always die before their offspring (trying to help you look on the bright side).

Everyone deals with a breakup sooner or later. When I was a telemarketer and someone told me that they went through a divorce, the first thing I would say is CONGRATULATIONS! Which the person in the other end of the line would always respond with a chuckle.

Be there for your mentor as much as possible, no matter what state he is in I'm sure he could still recognize and greatly appreciate you being there for him.

And simply stay in touch with your best friend, email etc. maybe you could plan a trip to Australia and bang some Aussie chicks now that your single.

Although it may for some time, none of these things should infringe on your ability to enjoy every minute if your life.


Sorry, man. Glad you found your way back here, though.


I thought this said "if you live." I thought, what a dick.


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Sorry to hear that dude. Remember no matter how shitty things are right now, they are bound to get better.


I'm not usually one for platitudes but in my own life I've found this to be true:

The strongest steel is forged in the hottest of fires.

Be strong and courageous.


Look at it this way mate. Shit is only going to get better now imagine all the good shit that is comming your way


Keep your chin up mate. You're still a great big strong guy, and you're still a Count.


So sorry to hear about your dad. Lots of tough things to deal with in a short time. Sending good thoughts your way, missed you around these parts.


If life hurts, you're doing it right. Keep moving, it's what all of these people would want and expect from you (even the chick if she was worth your affections).


Thats a rough fucking patch dude, hope all gets better quickly


When it rains, it pours.

I'm sorry for your loss.


Some awful shit going on right now. I can't say it's all going to get better; it may not. But I know you're strong enough to handle whatever comes your way.