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Never Another Week Off...


Took a week off last week just because I didnt feel like lifting. 1st break in 6months... Went right back in my routine tonight on bench and it sucked. I fatigued very fast and got an immediate tightness in my tri's. Had to drop weight just to get in the sets.. I thought a week off is good for the body.. Never again..


I've never taken a day off in my life.


How was your nutrition during this week off?

What did you do the whole time? Sit on ya butt?

Walking is a good recovery tool. Some stretches or deep tissue work wouldn't hurt either.

Oh, and did you warm up proper like?


Yea time off will kill you. A day, maybe two at the most is ok. I've read some stuff that has said just 7 days of no training can drop everything by 10%. Might not sound like much but that is the difference between a 2000lb total and an 1800lb total.


No training is different than deloading. Deload, don't just take off.


Diet stayed the same, and yes I actually did sit on my butt all week.

I warmed up as always. Two warm up sets then straight to my sets for the workout.