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Never Agree to Pellets. Never!

So, I was dabling with TRT treatments when I came back from a deployment the first time, with TT in the values of 280s. Was on Test Cyp dosing, and having to rotate to Southeast Asia again, I was considering my implications of being checked by customs, asking why was I carrying 4 months of Test Cyp and the appropriate needles and ancilliary drugs. My current doc told me about Testopel and it seemed like a logical idea. Litteraly like smuggling test in my ass.

So I had the procedure done 4 days prior to ripping out on the rotator. Procedure was quick and pretty easy. Nothing like having your ass up in the air when while a doctor is shoving pellets back there. Oh the fun.

The Good: Great effect. My libido was great, had good sleep, energy was up, focus was good. Everything overall was great. I had gotten six dosed, and although the “timed release” was supposed to dose at the same curve of being 100ml/wk average, it felt higher, but I felt great, and wish to get the same effect again from injections. I was unable to do any lab testing, so I can’t really tell you how high my TT, FT, or E2 was going. Just as a precaution, I was also prescribed 1mg/wk of anastozole to combat any potential estrogen conversion.

The Bad: Dosing curve the first month is obviously higher, had some mild acne build up on my shoulders and chest. Just felt kinda sore and always can feel the pellet placement.
The Ugly: Placement and procedure are critical. It took over a month to initially heal. I actually had to have a few pellets removed by my local med tech to allow the incision to start to close up. Also, because of the orientation of the incision and the location (horizontal, and basically in the middle of my left cheek), everytime I sat, squat, workout, run, the incision was being pulled open and pellets kept working their way out. 4 months in, I lost 4 of 6 pellets because they kept moving closer to the incision site, and never letting the incision heal and close up.

In the end, don’t get pellets. Don’t. Unless your inactive and bed ridden. Even then, don’t. You don’t want to complicate your bed sores.

I’m on pellets and I was worried about the placement and potential to have them fall out . I’ve had them implanted on 3 occasions so far and the only issue I have is a soreness a day or two after the procedure then I literally wait for the bandages they applied to start to peel off. Did your doctor advise you to refrain from exercise for 10 days or so? Granted the number is arbitrary but a healing period after the incision nonetheless. Sorry you had such a bad experience.