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Neutralizing Footwork

While watching the fight especially the opening few rounds I was in awe with how much Lara’s footwork was schooling canelo.
We all knew he had great footwork but to make someone like Canelos alvarez look the way he did (before the cut) was amazing.

I don’t want to get into who won or lost the fight because that belongs in the boxing discussion but I want to see how you would approach someone with the movement like Lara. I don’t think it’s as simple as “mirroring” your opponents movement and being one step ahead against someone with the cuban footwork like that. He’d hit and be out of range in an instant, and would make alvarez miss and be on the other side of the ring already.

What should you do if you were canelo? How to neutralize the footwork of lara?

And the cats out the bag now with the fight, it was an interesting fight both had their moments but in no way do I think canelo won that fight and I’m a HUGE fan of him.

With a guy like Lara, who one might consider a master boxer and is a southpaw to boot, if you can’t outbox him, you’ve got to outfight him.

Now, I didn’t see the fight, but I heard Lara was on his bike the whole time. I don’t know what Alvarez’s response was, but the correct response is to do what Alfredo Angulo did to him when they fought: cut off the ring, bull ahead, take two to give one, and land those hard circular shots, the hooks and uppercuts, that he’s going to have a hard time slipping. This is where bodypunching pays its dues as well, because the only way to slow down a master boxer who doesn’t get tired on his own is hurting him to the body. Those legs don’t work as well after five rounds of hooks to the liver and ribs. A shot or two to the balls will do that also.

Lara is a boxer who needs range to get his shots off. Don’t give him that range, stay in his chest, and don’t give him room to breathe. It allows you to open up on him while at the same time stripping him of his counterpunching ability and removing his speed from the equation a little.

It’s the classic matchup - a Frazier vs. Ali, a Duran vs. Leonard, a Hagler vs. Leonard … you can’t let the excellent boxer fight his fight. If you do, you’re going to get schooled.

This is also, concurrently, the problem with beating Mayweather - he’s so good on the inside (as shown against Baldomir and Hatton) that the bullying strategy only has limited success against him. It took an awkward infighter who could also jab (like Castillo or Maidana) to really give him problems.

To echo Irish, kill the body to kill the feet.

Lara was very nervous.
He is a wonderful mover and thats why when Canelo’s power made him skittish he ran.
If Alvarez employed a strategic feinting game, I believe he could have steered Lara where he wanted him.