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Neutral Grip Pull-up Bar Ideas?

Hey T-Nation,

I just built a deck at my house, and I want to find some way to hang a pull-up bar from it. Just hanging a straight bar would be pretty easy, but I’d really like to have the option of using a neutral grip. I do have a Swiss bar that I figured I could throw something together with, but I’d prefer to not lose the ability to use it as an actual barbell.

When I look online, the only things that I’m seeing that offer a neutral grip are designed to be attached to power racks or similar things.

Anybody got any ideas? I’ll attach a picture of the posts I thought it could hang between.

Trex or olympic rings attached with a carabina clip plus eye bolt.


Thanks. I’d thought about rings (and I have a pair), but I’m just wondering if there was a more fixed option…I like messing around on rings but prefer fixed bars for actual “work” if that makes sense.

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Oh yeah! As long as it was long enough that I could bolt the ends to my posts, that’d be perfect.


Mind if I ask where you got that?

I’d take a couple of 6 in. C clamps and put them on a beam perpendicular to it.

You can adjust the width for comfort or what ever you like and they’re pretty cheap. Maybe wrap the spine with tape or something.

Some variation of this.


That sound easy enough. So like this, right?

Perfect. :grin:

As you can tell, both my comprehension skills and architectural drawing skills are pretty great.


Well I did use the word perpendicular and you appeared to understand that, so you’re well beyond a lot of the welders and fitters I’ve worked with.

“I ain’t perpenwhatever the fu…”

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I used to work at a masonry company, and the guys who had been on the job long enough to become masons seemed smart enough, but holy cow did the new guys struggle with basic math (like finding area) and terms like, for example, perpendicular. I suppose if school wasn’t your thing then that’s to be expected, when looking at how much people who stay in school still struggle with it.

It was from a company called mirafit in the uk buddy.