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Neutral-Grip Negative Pull-Ups

Anyone have any pictures or videos of this move? It’s part of the workout that I’m doing and, though I’ve heard it explained, I really need to see a visual of it.



Neutral grip is with the palms facing each other. You need 2 handles or rings for this. Pronated (pull-up)is palms facing away from you. And supinated (chin-up) is palms facing you. A negative is simply the eccentric portion of the movement: the muscle is lengthening will doing the work. That’s fancy talk for, lowering slowly.


Thanks for the tips, man. That helps.

None of the guys at my gym have any idea how to do this, though. It would be good to see a video or something. any idea where I could find one?

Have you ever seen anyone do a chin up? This would be the second half. Usually you jump up to the bar or use a chair.

Scroll down to exercise 6. Like everyone else said, start at the top as if you had completed a pull up and lower slowly taking about 5 seconds to lower.