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neutral grip chinup bar

I was wondering if anyone knew where to purchase a reasonably priced neutral grip (palms facing each other) chin up bar…

For further clarification, there would be two short handles sticking out of the bar (preferrably shoulder width or perhaps even a bit narrower), and your thumbs would face you when holding them.

This is my favorite method of doing chins, and I believe it gives one the most mechanical advantage in doing so. However, I can’t seem to find this type of bar to purchase anywhere…

I’m still trying to figure out what your moniker means.

hey, just answer the question wiseass :wink:

and it means what you probably think it does…

I agonized over this one for a while, trying to figure out some way to rig up something to put on the squat rack. What I ended up doing is th take the safety bars out of the sliders on the rack and lay them on top of the rack. Instant parallel grip bars! There’s the added advantage of grip work (keeping the bars from rotating). My next mod will be to drill up a couple sections of 2x4 so the distance between them can be held more firmly. Works for me.

Depending on the kind of gym setup you’ve got, you might not even need one at all. There’s a wall-mounted chin up station where I work out. To do a parallel grip chin up, I just grab the triangle handle from the low cable row station and hook it over the top of the bar. Voila, problem solved.