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Neutral Grip Barbell Accessory?

I don’t see a gear sub forum so posting here. a few years ago i was doing a strength training program with bent over rows. after maybe 6-12 months the grip on the barbell rows was bothering my wrists/forearms. Pull ups were also bothering my wrists/forearms. I figured out that a “neutral grip” (perpendicular to the bar) was less stressful on my joints.

So I began looking for an attachment/accessory for a neutral grip. but i never found one! Does this exist? am i the only person who finds the over rotation of the wrist to be an issue?


There are many attachments and even bars that are neutral grip out there.

If a barbell row causes you issue have you consider using a dumbbell?

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Angles90 grips.

thx @bulldog9899

my old set up was basic. barbell, squat cage, weights. to me the simplest solution was getting some type of adapter for the pull up bar and barbell.

dumbbells would def work. but only for the bent rows. and i probably don’t want to buy a whole set for space and price reasons. so i’d be stuck changing 4 collars for at least 2 warm up sets.

i guess i’m ruthlessly optimal. : ) kind of a minimalist.

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Dumbbells or a football bar, sometimes called a multi-bar, are the first options that come to mind.

You could also try an EZ-curl bar. It wouldn’t be neutral-grip, but it’d reduce wrist stress. Also check out fat grips. Again, they won’t be neutral-grip but they increase grip activation and can help to reduce wrist/forearm strain. Grip will become the limiting factor for rows temporarily, but you’ll benefit in the long run.

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thx @kd13

this is on the right path. although i see some issues with this product. i’m kind of OCD on this stuff. ha.

i think this would slide down the barbell if you do a wide grip. ditto on wide pull ups. also you have to interlace your fingers with the rope/band it looks like. and knurling would probably start wearing the fiber on the bands/rope…nylon?

but yeah, this is the type of thing i’m looking for. thx. is there a pro version? i can’t imagine this product in a commercial weight lifting facility.

@Paul_Carter or @CHRISTOS may be better to address those concerns. I believe Paul has a discount code on them.

The discount code for Angels90 is Pcarter.
Yes it still works and they are absolutely worth every penny!!!

Ever try some 1 armed barbell row action?

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@skinny_dude_3000 here is something to look at. The ONLY reason I started to use them because they allow your arms travel in its natural path during the exercise.


yes, this is definitely the right area. but i would want to change a few things with that product. i’d prefer to grip something like a real knurled bar. no bands between my fingers. and can you use this for wide grip rows/pull ups? seems like the bands would shimmy toward you. don’t know.

Yes @skinny_dude_3000 you can use them for rows/pull up’s etc! Angels90 have a youtube channel and I suggest you check it out. As far as your other concerns, I have no idea what to suggest other than I think these are the a great tool to use when needed!

If your wants are really specific, make a drawing and talk to a machine shop about fabricating one for you.

A forum member on hiatus @Basement_Gainz has a set of long dumbell bars with a really deep, awesome knurl on them.

That’s how new stuff comes into existence.

@SkyzykS you read my mind. i have a pal who did machine work for 15 years. i sent him some drawings.

Good idea. For what you’re talking about, I’d just have a heavy shackle style end that affixed tightly to the bar, a short riser and a D shaped handle perpendicular to the bar.

Hook this Cable Row Bar over the Pull Up Bar and you can preform Neutral Grip Pull Ups.

Chinning Triangle with Rubber Grip

Kenny Croxdale