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Neurotyping: Type 2B or Type 3?

Hi Christian,

Recently I started learning more about your work on neurotyping and it’s amazing!
Your scientific approach to design someone’s training program, diet and supplement regime based on their psychological profile is really unique and impressive. Becoming aware of one’s neurotype gives people the opportunity to understand themselves better and improve their quality of life and that of others. I absolutely love that. Thank you for putting in all the work, research and physical/mental input to develop such a masterpiece.

NOTE: this message is fairly long because I want to give you a bit more insight in who I am as a person so it might be easier for you to answer my question. If you can’t be bothered reading all of this, I totally understand and won’t take any offense. If you do decide to read it and reply, then you have my sincere gratitude :slight_smile:

I took your neurotype test twice in a row yesterday but I ended up feeling a little bit confused. Here’s why:

The results of the first test were:
|Sub-total “Main”|3|11|28|54|49|
|Sub-total “Secondary”|20|34|20|48|38|
|Sub-total “Other”|11|4|31|41|39|

The results of the second test were:
Sub-total “Main” 8 9 28 41 59
Sub-total “Secondary” 6 34 14 46 40
Sub-total “Other” 12 -1 23 42 36
Total 26 42 65 129 135

The second time I changed my answers on a couple of the statements because I felt like some of them were based on situations that were too specific in nature for those statements. Hence the small changes between both tests.

Based on both outcomes it’s quite clear that I am either a type 2B or a type 3. The problem is I recognize myself very strongly in both of them. I believe I used to be a true type 2B until I had my first panick attack a few years ago from which I became more self aware, more fearful and developed depression and anxiety.

Type 2B matches:

  • Personality: lower self esteem, very detail oriented, structure is EVERYTHING I can’t function without it, very emotionally driven, self aware and higly sensitive (= stronger physical/mental reactions to external stimuli/signals), great at reading people (body language), need for approval and respect of others, very efficient 1 on 1 conversations (not so much in group), people pleaser, routine based lifestyle and preference for familiar activities that I know and love, hate disappointing other people, good at listening and helping people to solve their problems, don’t like to be the leader,second in command is where I thrive the most, I can be a real workhorse to impress others but mostly to assure myself that I am competent and worthy of recognition.

  • Diet: food lover right here, food is the best thing in the world, I’ve tried different diet approaches (keto, high carb/low fat, high protein) but I tend to naturally gravitate towards a more balanced diet. I like a 25P/40C/35F approach but carbs and fats tend to fluctuate sometimes depending on mood. I don’t need big amounts (400+ grams) of carbs to feel good but I definitely need enough of them to function properly because of my anxiety and high cortisol levels. I can stick to a diet by rotating healthy food sources I like whenever I am motivated and happy BUT I am more prone to binge eating sugary, highly processed foods, especially when I’m very stressed or have a lack of motivation. As long as I don’t cheat, I’m fine.

  • Training: I never really liked team sports or sports in general as a kid. I naturally gravitated towards strength training when I became a teenager because I felt attracted to building a great physique, character, discipline, patience, perseverance etc. Moderate reps, bodybuilding methods and shorter rest periods worked great for me. Mind muscle connection is also really important to me to be able to feel good about the workout. I can do neurological work but when the intensity gets really high for an exercise and I’m not feeling secure about the movement, my adrenaline goes up.

Type 3 matches:

  • Personality: control freak (I especially need to feel in control of myself), high levels of stress and not very efficient in dealing with stress, great planner, introvert qualities (I like company sometimes but its very energy consuming, I function and process things better when I’m alone), very plan/stucture based (borderline OCD sometimes), don’t deal well with unexpected changes of plan, pragmatic, not a risk taker, preference for repetitiveness over variation and novelty, great observer and information gatherer, deep thinker, perfectionist, less inclined to meet new people, extreme focus and concentration (because of anxiety and constantly elevated cortisol levels), patient with other people but very hard on myself.

  • Diet: same explanation as type 2B, higher frequency of carb meals to suppress cortisol levels and improve serotonin levels. high carb meal of fruits preworkout works great but extra high carb meals creates more cortisol surges.

  • Training: very detail and technique oriented, lack of control in movements causes lack of motivation and anxiety (especially during intensification phases), doesn’t like a lot of variation, main lifts always stay the same to measure progress and feel secure.

Extras: I hold a lot of tension in my hip flexors, hamstrings, calves and shoulder joint area (pecs, subscapularis). My upper back, quads and arms are relatively lean. I hold most of my body fat in my belly, waist and glutes.

You stated a while ago that it’s possible to change brain chemistry temporarily (for example by a dramatic event causing lifestyle changes) but never receptor sensitivity. I feel like I was originally a type 2B and I still am in the gym but became a type 3 in life. Could this be the result of my panick attack, from which I developed anxiety and depression?

Which type do you think I really am?

Thanks again for your guidance and kind regards!



I also would like to see answers here, I think I am in the same situation. I think I have become type 3 because of lot of coffee, overtraining and not good sleep. And as a result I would like to solve all my problems by making plans and structure. But I know I’m not a real type 3 because I feel bored if I have to do long steady state cardio at low intensity. But this is only my own assumption, maybe the opposite is the case for me.
Thank you Coach in advance!
Greetings from Hungary!

almost same here… waiting CT reply

Super interested in this as well.