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Neurotyping Test Results

Hi Coach
First I would like to thank you for the last replys you gave me, since you mentioned about multis and suggested contacting Stephane, I also looked deeper into the topic and changed a lot of my vitamin, mineral and general supplement regimes for the better, so a massive thank you for you and your team.

These are my test results:

With this thread I just want to ask about my neurotype test results, the overall outcome makes sense and going through the characteristics I pretty much fit the 1b description with some sprinkles of 1a and minimal traits of type 3 (mainly to do with intelligent decision making opposite to emotional, although they could still be emotionally driven but made intelligently and calculatively). Also, while I was still able to do a 35 inch box jump while I weighed 240 with roughly 20-22% bodyfat, a lot of times I don’t feel as explosive on some movements. Although a lot of times that is because I feel somewhat like I lose tightness on a bench if I’m to fast, but on the flip side I do have really good transfer of strength from one big lift variation to the other.
I didn’t want to go too long, just wanted to kind of give a brief picture of why I’m asking for your help in this issue, or why I’m unsure in a few things if I fit 1b, and also not fully understanding the main and sub scores.

Many thanks Coach, I really appreciate your work.