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Neurotyping Test Results

Can you tell me more about my test results?

What I describe as a 2B “confident” .

I hesitated between a 2B confident and type 3, not because of the two similar scores, but because your low scores all-around. This normally indicates someone who doesn’t want to reveal a lot about himself, which is often a trait of type 3s.

BUT the very low 1A score indicates a low dopamine activity and type 3 have moderate dopamine activity. The somewhat elevated 2A score (in comparison with the other numbers) would lead me to believe that you are closer to a 2B than a 3.

Note that I could be wrong, when there is a split score like that it is always best to get to know more about the person to give a more accurate assessment.

Can you post that same chart above for the Type 3’s? Thanks!

Thanks Christian.
I wonder how I can learn more about this. Training is great but I wonder what I can do to improve my life in general.

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I do have an online certification on my thibarmy website