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Neurotyping Test Results

Can you tell me more about my test results?

What I describe as a 2B “confident” .

I hesitated between a 2B confident and type 3, not because of the two similar scores, but because your low scores all-around. This normally indicates someone who doesn’t want to reveal a lot about himself, which is often a trait of type 3s.

BUT the very low 1A score indicates a low dopamine activity and type 3 have moderate dopamine activity. The somewhat elevated 2A score (in comparison with the other numbers) would lead me to believe that you are closer to a 2B than a 3.

Note that I could be wrong, when there is a split score like that it is always best to get to know more about the person to give a more accurate assessment.

Can you post that same chart above for the Type 3’s? Thanks!

Thanks Christian.
I wonder how I can learn more about this. Training is great but I wonder what I can do to improve my life in general.

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I do have an online certification on my thibarmy website


I just took the Neurotype type test on your site and would like to know a bit more about the 9 neurotransmitter levels that define a Type 1B. Any chance you would be willing to also post the Type 1B chart like you have done for the Type 2B and 3 from your cert. course manual?

I realize I am asking for a freebie. Thanks in advance either way. I am already seeing good progress by following some of the typing suggestions for workouts and nutrition considerations. So a big thank you for that!

I will post it because you put me in an uncomfortable position (which I really don’t like). You are a paying customer and you asked in my public forum which makes me look bad if I say no (again, I really don’t like that).

I’m someone who gives more than anybody in the field (yet most don’t know that).

I answer tons of questions for free on this forum and at least as many via social media. I will even call some people out of the blue when they ask me a question on social media, when I don’t feel like writing a wall of text.

I’ve actually sent complete documents for free to some people.

But never when they ask.

I LOVE to give, it makes me feel good. BUT I hate being asked to give something. It has to come from me.

Again, I will post the chart but this is for everybody else reading this post: please don’t ask for freebies. The nicer you are, the more you help others out and participate, the more likely I am to drop something your way. But please, don’t out me on the spot; it will just annoy me.



You’re a scholar and a gentleman. I did the sprint to summer camp with you. I think it was last year, but maybe two years ago. I tested as 1B, but I think we decided I’m such an egotistical 1A I just overestimate my abilities as an athlete.

In any case, I had a good time. It looks like there are quite a few updates around the neurotransmitters involved and new subtypes. Is there somewhere you’d point me to start getting some acquaintance with these concepts? For instance, I understand that my brain would “want” dopamine, but that’s about as far as my knowledge goes. Please don’t post any of your paid content - just looking for a starting reference point, if it exists.

Why do under-methyl + fast COMT (2A passionate) and over-methyl + fast COMT (1B) both lead to low dopamine and adrenaline at rest?

COMT breaks down/degrades the catecholamine (including both adrenaline and dopamine). FAST COMT means that you break down both much more easily and rapidly, so once they’ve been released, they come back down rapidly.

Now, overmethylation does lead to more dopamine, serotonin and acetylcholine production. But with the fast COMT you still break down the former relatively fast.