NeuroTyping Test Results. Type 3?

Hello, I’m curious about my results. It says i’m type 3, but with 3 dominant types, could find some of type 3 traits fit me, but it’s not to a teeth.

That’s a clear type 2A to me. First if you look at the “main” characteristics, 2A is above 3.

You also have 3 scores that are fairly high, which normally only happens in Type 2A.

I would also tend to say a 2A “passionate”. Which looks like this:

The type 3 traits are a bit unusual, but they could come from the way you were brought up and learned to be disciplined and structured.

Thank you for your time explaining this to me. I could agree that the sentence about 2a: Passionate (excitement and wanting to do something) is 100% correct. I’ve read your information about different neurotypes and could see some of attributes of each neurotype suited for me, thats why I was a bit surprised when I’ve got type 3 and not type 2a. I knew I’m 2a once I’ve read your post about 2a’s changing workouts very often. I tend to find new information and apply it right away that so changing my workout plan 2-3 weeks after I’ve started it. People always tell me to stop jumping off and on a training program but I guess it’s not for me to change.
Thank you again :slight_smile: