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Neurotyping Test Results - Really a 1A?

Hello Chris and everyone,

First, thank you for your crazy work.

I would like just a little insight. Following below results :

Sub-total “Main” 53 17 18 5 29
Sub-total “Secondary” 38 42 4 30 -8
Sub-total “Other” 33 45 29 7 34
Total 124 104 51 42 55

Is it so clear that I’m 1A ? I get bored quite fast doing pump work, I’m focused on performance rather than on looking great. I was not well-coordinated as a kid. I prefere heavy lifting and big compound mouvment and can’t stand isolation work. The only point that bother me is that I have good performance on sets of 2 from 5 reps but suck on 1 rep max. Example with deadlift : I can lift 215kgx3 at 82kg bodyweight but failed at 225kg on my last 1RM try last Week. Using to much bounce on sets, maybe ?

On zercher squat, I have a 120kg 5RM and have a 140kg 1RM. Back squat, 5RM at 135 (feeling like I am gonna die) and max at 150. Bench press (weak point), 5RM @ 105kg for a 1RM @115kg.

I also feel like I can crash easly. I wouldn’t train not heavy, I always want to push my boundaries, but if I do too much or meet failure too often, I get really tired.

All this seems like flat 1RM which is not what you described as a 1A profile. Overwise, I kinda match the criteria. Loud talking, extroverted, cold and ruthless sometimes … Not a people pleaser at all, I juste live my own life.

Kinda risk taker, I drive motorcycle on track, did some local Rallye racing …

Thanks in advance to everyone for a little help on this one !

Do you ever train up to a 1RM? I’d say it’s not abnormal to suck at it if you don’t practice it

Well, you’ve got a point.

How would you practice youre 1RM ? I actually stick to classical programs, 5/3/1 before and now I’ve started Thib’s 1A program (only did the first 2 traning for now, so I don’t have a real thought on how it works for me)

Perhaps your adrenaline is a bit too low so your 1rm isn’t up to par with your other lifts. I’ve had that a lot. No difference between 1rm and 2-3rm like… wtf?? Perhaps you should salt more. Definitely don’t go too hard too often even if you carb up. I think Mentzer’s HIT (low frequency, maximal intensity) is good for 1A’s. There’s something appealing to me about training like an absolute maniac and then resting (active rest, LISS cardio, stretches) for however many days I need.

Also - Make sure you’re getting a serving of carbs before bed so that you do get some serotoninergic foods in at night and your CNS recovery is better. Honey, fruits, whatever. Then meat all day baby.

I think that this will change when coach releases the new stuff about 1A’s. There was some post’s about 1A’s being able to have much more carbs than he previously recommended, almost to the point of type 3’s. I guess only 1B’s enjoy high protein/high fat diets the most.

And yeah, your 1A for sure.

That’s a strong deadlift for a not so strong BSQ. Not training it enough, fear or morphological disadvantage (like long femurs, short torso…)?? I guess long arms as well, because of the bench.

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Hello both and thanks for your answers and insights !

@tontongg Well … I never put salt on any of my food !! How would Sodium impact our max perf ? I’ve always kept aways from salt since I believe we already eat enough of it and my blood pressure is always 12/7.

Mentzer hiit seems to have a high neurological tax. It should put us at risk of crashing if we overdo it ?How do you split your training ?

I’ve started thib’s training and nutritional plan for 1A and am giving it a try (I have a home gym so I have the chance of being able to train properly despite current situation). I also walk my dog 1H-1H30 4 times a week which make for my conditioning work.

I am quite surprised by the macro ! As both of you said, it’s a crazy amount of protein and really low carbs. I do well on low carbs so that does not bother me too much but, yea, that’s a lot of meat !! It is really hard to meet the protein intake. I did reviewed the daily repartition according to the plan and now, most of my carbs are in my last meal of the day, after my training, in order to calm down CNS. I also take 4g of glycine + magnesium right after training to help me calm down a little (I am so fucking energic right after training, my wife will kill me some time if I don’t calm down).

Regarding my BSQ … You got it right. I had postural issues due to flat foot and still have pain in my left calves when I squat too heavy or push myself too much. I’ve done 1 year of olympic lifting and squating 4 times a week triggered a little injury. It healed, but now it can come back easily.

I did not find a way to correct this issue yet … I have orthopaedic insoles but it does not correct everything I guess. After earing thib’s last insight on half squat on Fb I am even wondering if it would be better to do like, 3/4 squat, deleting the end of the range of motion which is where I have pain. I squat ass to grass at the moment and it is the bottom of the squat which kill my left calves.

So indeed I lack practice with back squat and I am a little afraid of waking-up some chronic pain that would impair the rest of my training. I also think that I might have weak core issue since I loose my posture easily and fail my deadlift coming of the floor, which does not help !
Zercher squat does not trigger pain at all. I guess it is because of the shorter range of motion ? That’s why I’ve stick with it a lot recently. I feel like I can push myself without risking to wake up the pain !

At least it is clear now that I’m 1A, thank you very much ! :slight_smile:

Here is my tips for a 1A trying to get stronger:

BTW, I have taken the neurotyping courses and am a S&C coach.

First and most importantly for a 1A you have to control your volume and find ways to get your CNS jacked up. I personally think the current 1A program on thibarmy is way too much volume.

I think this is a better plan:
Pick one movement each day and work up to a heavy single then either do one set of clusters (3-5 singles one every 20-30 sec) or hit a 3-5RM

If you hit 5 singles on the clusters do more weight next time or if you go for a rep max and hit 3-5 reps with whatever weight go up next time.

So you get to PR twice with the movement, for the top single and for the backoff set. Keep repeating this until you know you can’t improve that movement anymore, this is up to you. Once you know you can’t improve that movement pick another similar movement and push that up.

Just start here I would just pick one movement a day maybe two if you are feeling good. Always compound, partials are cool. Remember as a 1A the CNS is always going to be more important than muscles.

Final note: do overcoming iso’s fit them in your workout wherever you see fit, as part of your warmup, on off lifting days whatever just find a way to do them.

Hello @ryan_lamb2 and thanks for your advices!

If I understand well, it would look somehow like that:

Bench press - Ramp up to a 1RM then one set of cluster
45° row - Ramp to a 1RM then one set of cluster
BSQ - Ramp up to a 1RM then one set of cluster
Push Press - Ramp up to a 1RM then one set of cluster
Weighted neutral grip pull-ups - Ramp up to a 1RM then one set of cluster
deadlift - Ramp up to a 1RM then one set of cluster
Rest day

Well, that’s a lot different from current 1A program as you say, that has a LOT more volume in it. I did think about reducing current 1A program volume since I also found qui contradictory with coach’s advices (more volume than what is recommanded in his videos).

Isn’t this “1RM then cluster” approach a bit short on volume ? Shouldn’t we add some accessory work like, 3x6 weighted dips then 3x8 lying triceps Z-bar after bench press for instance? It bring us to One heavy single, then one set of cluster, then some accessory heavy for just 6 sets. That make 8 sets in the training, seems legit ?

It would alow to keep frequency high (6 days a week, push pull leg) but with less volume on each day.

EDIT: For overcoming ISO I currently do it at the beggining of the training. Like 3x6sec on bench, then bench training. I could maybe continue like that ?
EDIT²: I guess I should have written heaving single (maybe 95% of my max ?) instead of 1RM :slight_smile:

Ya what you wrote is what I would recommend doing for strength work.

Some movements lend themselves better to this for example a squat max and clusters is going to be way harder than doing the same on pullups. So in cases like that you want to find movements that amp you up more. I would sub high pulls or power cleans for the row/pullups.

Regarding assistance work as a 1A unless it amps up your nervous system don’t waste your time doing any. A heavy set of bench partials, partial squats, partial stepups, etc… for example, is going to drive up your strength more. That’s why overcoming iso’s are so valuable.

The only time you should bother with assistance if you are injured in a particular area and its just to regain mobility so you can load it again.

Regarding percentages, I wouldn’t bother, don’t limit yourself, don’t go into a workout thinking you’re going to hit 95% of your 1RM, you should be thinking 100%+ each time. Same with the backoff set you should be beating whatever you did last time if you didn’t beat it think why? Is it technical, are you not amped up enough, is that exercise boring?

Have fun throwing heavy weight around and being aggressive about it!

@ryan_lamb2 Well, this is so fucking disturbing since it goes againts a lot of things we grow with as a lifter ! But we hear a lot of s**t everywhere so that’s nothing surprising

It is true that, for example, I used to do this for deadlift or squat. I come, I go for a 5 rm, 3RM or whatever I have in mind, then I do a few set a little lighter then done. And I did saw results. I guess my flaw back then is that I kept frequency low while it should be high, as Coach says more and more.

So if we summarize a bit :

Bench press: 3x 6-9 sec iso - Ramp up to a heavy single - cluster - 3 heavy weighted dips or heavy bench partial (close grip floor press for instance)- done

Snatch grip high pull - Ramp up to a heavy single - cluster - Upper back deadlift or heavy row 3 sets - done

BSQ - 3x6-9 sec iso - Ramp up to a heavy single - cluster - done

Push Press - 3x6-9sec iso - Ramp up to a heavy single - cluster - 3x4-6 neutral grip press - done

Power clean (love that shit by the way) - Ramp up to a heavy single - cluster - 3x heavy loaded pull ups or heavy row - done

deadlift 3x6-9sec overcoming iso - Ramp up to a heavy single - cluster -done

Rest day

Writing this, @TrainForPain ring some bell. Heavy single obviously will train 1RM.

Seems legit to you ? I feel like I’ll still need some heavy row/pullups/dips in order to be fully satisfied … But I guess I might change my mind once destroyed by heavy cluster lol. Or would you also delete those few sets ?

I guess I also add some mobility and streching work after training since training will be shorter.

Thanks so much for your insights !

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If this isn’t 1A porn I don’t know what is… no explosion, pure grinding of reps, extremely low volume, maximal intensity, 5 full days of rest.

Coach CT said 1A need more carbs for serotonin that he previously recommended. IMO we want lots of somewhat lean meat (chicken, fish) with essential fats of course, and salt/carbs according to recovery. Salt is adrenals candy.

Going low salt is another medicine’s travesty - the issue is high salt low potassium. It’s a balance. Instead of recommending going high on both sides (via potatoes, yams and such), medicine says go low salt. It’s terrible for performance and as a whole in this constant fight or flight society.

Meta analysis of sodium restriction studies showing barely any improvement in BP (1-3% reduction in mmHg) meanwhile all stress hormones go up. What a trade off!!!

I guess there’s a reason why my favorite cheat is Hot wings… protein, PUFAs, flour, salt, spices.

Okay, I’ve been looking into salt and it seems that I had it wrong there ! I am quite ashamed as a biologist lol. What the fuck do we learn, even in university ! You always face some dogmatic shit.

I recognize myself when he struggle to get that up, slowly trying but also slowly stopping the bar movement ! Some serious training there.

I’ve gone and tried to a training yesterday. Did Clean High pull as I practiced when I did olympic lifting. Bring back old memories. Went for a single at 130, pulling the bar above waist. Then I did a cluster at 115kg, x6 with 20sec rest. Then pull ups with 20kg, 3x6. Felt great and I am pleased to have sore upper back muscle !

I’ll keep up like that, add some salt, have more intense work out as described above and 6 training a week. Guess I’ll do a deload after one month, using movement lighter but with still high intensity.

Thanks everyone ! I was doubting about being 2A or 1A but yea, I definitely tend to heavy compound mouvement overwise I get bored.

Well, quick update to validate (maybe, or it is psychological) the approach.

Equalled PR on BSQ despite not having trained it in almost 6 month : https://youtu.be/zPYIfUsJUak

Is that 1A lifting style ? lol

It felt really great and it has been a long time since I’ve last had that good feeling on a squat. Let’s see what it can bring in the future !

Thanks everyone !

Unfortunately medicine has a ton of dogma that’s being reiterated endlessly across all kinds of scientific universities. Tides typically turn though, scientists who aren’t politically involved are open minded when they face mountains of evidence.

Salt is also great when facing a harsh winter. People in north Japan didn’t wait for meta analysis to know that they’re better off eating… 40g a day?? When temperatures drop.


In spite of the common knowledge among physicians that the daily intake of as much as 30g. of sodium chloride will bring about disorders of various functions of the body to a considerable degree, the actual fact that the inhabitants in North Manchuria take 40 g. or more every day during the winter months without any disorders in the body functions leads us to further study

Ya bet… whenever medicine says “XYZ IS BAD” whether we’re talking saturated fat, cholesterol, omega 6, starch, sugar, salt, you name it. There’s going to be in patient data somewhere that flies in the face of all “evidence”.

Anyways. If you’re tired it’s time for bacon and cheese