Neurotyping Test Results: How Influential Is Secondary Dominance?

My primary neurotype dominance is type 3 ( score of 104 ) with secondary dominance being 2B (score of 69) . The reason why I’m wondering about the degree of influence of secondary dominance, is I find a number of personality traits of 2B to be relevant to my case.

Additionally, my score for 2A and 2B are very close ; 69 for 2B and 68 for 2A.

I’ve read many blog entries on the topic of neurotyping in addition to listening to many of Christian’s podcasts. The one thing I can recall is that as a result of poor nutrition and/or protracted stress a type 3 can show 2B’s traits through a backlog of glutamate (probably through a lack of B6).

What level of influence should I expect my secondary dominance to have at the personality level ?

Many thanks !

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