Neurotyping Test Results: 1B or 2A?

Dear coach Christian,

I’ve been following your neurotyping work for a long time. According to all the amazing articles, videos and podcasts you’ve given over the years on the subject, I really resonated with a type 2A. Recently I finally took the test, and the results said I’m a type 1B.

I did not expect this in any way, thought I would be a type 2A… maybe a type 2B. Could the result show my true nature and I’ve been masking this through lifestyle choices or the training types I’ve followed? I don’t know anything about the percentages and if this is a clear 1B result.

Do you think the results leave room for doubt about my type or is this a clear outcome? Thanks in advance. :smiley:

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has come across a similar situation like mentioned above?

Lately I’ve been digging into the neurotyping course, and I do have much personality traits in common with that of a type 1B. Though I’m thinking, could the training that you’ve been doing in your teens and 20’s override the physical/performance side of your type? I did bodybuilding for years, played soccer and doing a 800-1000m run really sets me on fire. While a 100m run should be more in my alley. But I feel I mis the neural power/explosiveness to do a 100m sprint. Even though I love doing them, I suck at it.

Well, a 2A is a mimicker and can change his personality (or it can change automatically). If you were super psyched about doing the test, just got back from the gym or had something really positive happen to you, you could have morphed into a 1B (like I morph into a 1A when I give a seminar).

Also, the 2A actor is VERY close to the 1B. So you could be a 2A actor who was in a VERY positive mind set when doing the test.

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Thank you for your answer! I took the test on Christmas morning a 5.00 after one of the kids woke me up and I couldn’t fall back to sleep anymore. So it wasn’t my most ‘alpha’ moment, haha!

Small follow-up question if you have the time. I came across the subtypes on this forum a couple of times, though I missed them on the course. What is the biggest difference between a 2A actor type and a type 1A of 1B? What sets them apart?

At the hand of of the course I will make a type 1B program for myself. The biggest issue I have with the type 2A stuff, is that there is to much variation for my feel. Like they are messing around. I really need to feel that the variation added adds to the proces and progress. The course is really amazing, so thank you for producing it!

No, BUT you were under high adrenaline/fight of flight response

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The main difference is in methylation which leads to more serotonin and acetylcholine in the 1B than 2A actor. It also means that adrenaline doesn’t stay as long in their system as for the 2A actor. This makes the 1B more structured, more adaptable, deal with stress better and less likely to be controlled by his emotions.

But they really are very much alike. I’d say that and optimized 2A actor will be pretty much like a 1B. And similarily, an overly stressed 1B can become like a 2A actor.

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Thank you for the added comments!

Guess they are difficult so separate with the naked eye, even with testing. Would you say that to be sure about which type someone is, is to follow a certain training program/method or diet? Even when being optimized the type 2A would burn-out faster on neurally demanding methods, am I correct? So in about three weeks the 2A will quickly revert to more muscular work as for the type 1B they will beg for more?

What really struck me about what you said about a type 1B is that they crave frequency the most. If they don’t train for two days they become very lazy. For me when I’m not able to train every day, I feel like I’m wasting my time on a program. I’m not in it for the fun or sweat.

Well, the 2A also needs frequent stimulation. Both 1B and 2A have very fast adrenaline and dopamine clearance (fast COMT enzyme) and thus will have low adrenaline in normal situations and need stimulation to feel “on”.

I’d say that the main difference is how they are in a group and their deep motivation.

1Bs are a lot more purely goal driven than 2As. Their main motivation is setting a goal for themselves and achieving it, or the improvement itself.

2As are driven a lot by their need to be respected and admired. Yes they want to achieve their goal, but in their mind it comes with the fact that achieving those goals will get them admired, loved, etc.

And in a group the 1B is more likely to be a leader, or at least do his own thing. The 2A doesn’t seek to be in charge and often doesn’t do well when he is put in charge. He tends to model himself on the leader.