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Neurotyping Test Results - 1B or 2A?


First, thank you very much for your work. As a biologist, I value it even more since it brings scientific value behind interpersonnal differencies.

Second, please forgive my poor English as it is not my native language. However, I prefere to use it so if someone is in the same situation as me then he can just read my post and don’t bother you.

Following your first insight Late 2018, I believed at that time that I could be a 2A, not being so sure of myself.

I bought your 2A 3 month program, used it, and found it quite interesting. I reacted pretty well but also find that it has too much volume for myself. I finished the program with noticeable improvment in my main lift but did not start it again. I had to shorten some training session, not being able to finish due to muscular (not neurological) fatigue and a clear feeling that it would start to be counterproductive. I did not want to trigger to much cortisol release and I really felt that I was going to exhaust myself.

I did the neurotyping recently and got those results :

1A 1B 2A 2B 3
28 21 24 3 57
40 48 20 48 -6
25 36 32 20 44
Total 93 105 76 71 95

I have to admit that I am quite lost. I recognize myself more in the 1B than in the 2A now since I’ve became far more assertive in my daily life.

I also have quite a lot of type 3 due to being asperger, I think. I was quite badly coordinated until reaching 15 years old, where things got better. It is fine now and I can learn any new movement/sports quite quickly even if I still feel like shit when too much technique is needed. But that might have created quite a lot of type 3 answer, I guess.

From what I understand, those results may be those of a 2A (scoring high in several items). But I score quite low in that specific neurotype. And, I bought your 1B program and for now I really like it and find the volume just good. It feels like home, to be honest, and look alike my natural tendency in training (with far more sophistication of course).

Could you please give me some insight ? Am I a 1B with just some aspie trait messing in ? Or am I just a 2A ? One last tips, I am INTP-A on MBTI if it can help.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the amount of details, I did not want to miss a thing.


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Little up -

I would understand that you don’t want to give it a guess since you don’t have so much clues.

I’ll give the 1B program a try to the end, I guess It’ll give me some answers.