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Neurotyping Questions

I took the neurotyping courses, which were transformative for both myself and my wife. Awesome stuff, very grateful for coming across these.

Just a couple of follow-up questions

  • How do sociopaths and aspergers fit in to the neurotyping? 1A has a low glutamate and thus less empathy, but in business, I’ve seen many salesmen who could be characterized as sociopathic 2As
  • Does introversion/extroversion run largely from one end to another (1A most extrovert, 3 most introvert). Can you be a really introverted 1A?
  • I am a 2B with generally driven and happy personality, but I tend to get extreme performance anxiety. I am now experimenting with Taurine, B6, Valerian, L-theanine, magnesium and chamomile to increase GABA. I haven’t completely understood how glutamine affects GABA? Should I avoid glutamine or use it?

Thank you for your work!

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