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Neurotyping Podcast was Excellent

I was just listened to your podcast on neurotyping . I really think you are onto something big here.

I am type 2b (at least I think so I feel people’s emotions etc) but I also hate cardio like a 1A. I score fairly low on the 80% 1RM test under 5 reps . Always want to lift heavy , can go for long periods using 80-100% in power movements but find it hard to recover from max effort training periods , prefer singles, doubles and triples for lifting.

I like Olympic lifting but currently have flexibility limitations in the wrists and shoulders. I can lift a lot more with straps but struggle with lighter weights due to grip. What’s the best way to train?

Well, that sounds more like 2A, who also have a lot of empathy. AND can become emotional when they are under stress. That’s why I believed for a long time that I was a 2B but that’s only because I would look at myself during the hardest portions of my life. 2A don’t really like cardio because it doesn’t give them adrenaline

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Ah that is so true… that’s why to do cardio I go to crossfit classes or I do complexes/strongman stuff

Where can we listen to this podcast?

Where can we find your podcasts? I couldn’t locate you on the app I typically use to listen to podcasts.