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Neurotyping and Sleep Deprivation/Stress

Hi CT,
First, thank you for all the articles and insight into neurotyping. I find it fascinating. I have a couple questions regarding sleep deprivation. I work as a firefighter/paramedic at a busy department where I am commonly up for 36 hours or so without sleep multiple times a month. According to your Neurotype test I am a 1b but when sleep deprived I seem to move to the right- frequently have trouble sleeping and shutting my brain off, more emotional, trouble with self control, etc. I like to train about 4-5 times a week along with downhill mountain biking, snowboarding, and climbing(1-3 times a week) depending on the season. I seem to need those releases to deal with the stress or I develop self destructive habits.
1- Would you recommend decreasing training frequency or simply just go by feel
2- What supplements would you recommend for optimal health and performance- supplements for the 1b, supplements for a type 3(because of chronic stress), or maybe both?
Thanks so much for your time!