Neurotypes and Types of Muscle Fibers

The question is about the correlation of the type of muscle fibers and neurotypes.

In your opinion, there is a very significant correlation of personality profile and dominant types of muscle fibers. However, you assume that the neurotype is not necessarily rigidly associated with the type of muscle fiber.

Suppose we have neurotype 1B in which muscle fibers of type I (possibly IIa) are dominated. How to train such person? Neurotype 1B needs explosive exercises for which type I fibers are not adapted. If the training program is designed for type 1B, will he fail?

It is generally accepted that a certain type of muscle fiber requires certain training, including due to the involvement of a certain energy supply system, which means that the predominance of one of the types of muscle fibers in a person determines the choice of a training program and methods.

Don’t you think that the system of neurotypes is still tightly connected with the type of muscle fibers, which determines the choice of a training method.

And since the determination of the predominant type of muscle fiber in a person is somewhat difficult in the usual practice of a personal trainer, the neurotype system becomes a convenient tool for indirectly determining the dominant type of muscle fiber and choosing a training method.

Thank you.

As I explained before, it would make sense that the hardware would go with the software and from my experience there is indeed a correlation between neurotype and fiber dominance.

1As and 1Bs tend to have the highest ratio of FT fibers, 2A and 2B are mixed types with the 2A being a bit more FT than the 2Bs and type 3 tend to be more slow twitch dominant.

But of course there are exceptions.

For example if a type 3 has the ACTN3 RR genotype he will have a higher ratio of FT fibers and if a 2B has the ACTN3 XX genotype he will have more ST fibers.

The type 3 with ACTN3 RR genotype is normally a great bodybuilder because he combines a super structured mindset and no problem being repetitive in everything he does BUT he also have a good growth potential because of his FT ratio. He will still tend to overproduce cortisol, so even if he trains like a bodybuilder, his volume should be low (like Dorian Yates or Scott Stevenson for example… not saying they are type 3 but the style of training would suit a type 3 with ACTN3 RR).

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