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Neurotypes and Sweets Correlation?

I got really into neurotyping subject, because it is so interesting for me.

  1. I am so interesting which sweets prefer each neurotype,
    (Is there corelation beetwen sweets and neurotransmitters?)

For example, one hour ago i listened interview with George St. Pierre GSP who is type 3 and he talk that he can’t live without chocolate… Is it corelated with seretonin which spikes up when you eat chocolate? We know that type 3 is lack of serotonin so they will crave that neurotrasmitter…

Am i right or just I am talking shit?
Is there corelation???

Btw. GST said that he feel awesome on IF even 3 days what is completly oposite to neurotype philosophy, what made me a little bit confused…

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Well, type 3 can handle intermittent fasting because of their high adrenaline. In fact, strictly from a performance standpoint it can be good for them. However, they can burn out quickly from the excess adrenaline production on IF. BUT if carbs intake is sufficient in the feeding period, it can work. Also consider that GSP is neurologically a Type 3 BUT physiologically he likely is an ACTN3 RR type which allows him to build muscle, strength and power fairly easly and thus the higher cortisol levels with IF is less likely to have a negative impact.