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Neurotypes and Fighting Styles?

Hi CT,

I was wondering how neurotypes would apply to fighters/martial artists? And whether a particular neurotype would be better at, or drawn to a particular style of fighting as applied to training?

Be interested to hear your thoughts.

Well, there will be an impact. 1As are more aggressive and less skilled. They normally would be better strikers and will have a harder time following a plan during a fight. They make brawlers more than fighters. Think Hendricks.

1Bs are the high skill guys, faster, more coordinated, better motor control. Think Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, the Gracies and the like.

2As can be close to 1B when it comes to skill BUT their main issue will be losing control when they have too much adrenaline. While they are closer to 1Bs they can actually act like 1As when under adrenaline. This makes their performance unpredictable, they will be the streakiest fighters. They also tend to be the best supporting fighters (2nd guy in a gym, Rory McDonald being a good example) who will model themselves on the top guy.

2Bs are the worst fighters and are normally not attracted by fighting sports.

3s wouldn’t normally make great fighters as they are more about staying safe and not taking risks. BUT a few can make it by becoming the best technicians and tacticians. The best example is GSP who is a type 3 BUT with the ACTN3 RR gene which makes him strong and explosive. But he is completely OCD and NEEDS to follow a strict schedule and fight plan.

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Great response! Some great examples there. :slightly_smiling_face:Whilst I have aways admired some of the the more technical styles, if I’m honest as a 1A I was more drawn to styles like Muay Thai, Krav Maga and Wrestling/Grappling. All makes a lot of sense.

Thanks man! :facepunch:t3: