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Neurotypes and Fast/Slow Twitch Muscle Fibers

what muscle fibers is dominant { if any } neurotype 3 ?
What are the differences between neurotypes fast vs slow fibers percentage ?
appreciated all thoughts .thnx

It is not always a perfect relationship because of genetic factors.

While most Type 3 have a higher ratio of ST fibers, Type 1 a higher ratio of FT fibers and Type 2 being more equally mixed, there are exceptions.

If a Type 3 has the ACTN3 RR genotype he will be fast twitch dominant and if the Type 1 has the ACTN3 XX genotype he will be slow twitch dominant. So you cannot assume with 100% certainty that someone will be slow twitch dominant if he is Type 3.

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it’s interesting that type 1 has ACTN3 XX, I can’t imagine how that person would be

Just out of curiosity CT, do you use Athletic performance tests on your athletes to identify their ACE and ACTN3 gene variants?

If yes, is there a gene test that you recommend (for example one that can be send by post for a buccal sample)?

Extremely extroverted, confident and competitive. But not explosive or strong. A lot of elite endurance athletes would fall in that category.

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CT,could be type /intensity or endurance / of training change fiber type ?
and what is diet role to ACTN3 XX / expected carb sensitivity / ?
thank you