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Neurotypes and 30-10-30 Style?

Dr Darden
what you think about Christian Thibaudeau THE NEURO TYPING SYSTEM ,
and his all of NEURO TYPE’S sustainable for 30-10-30 ?
and recovery / frequency is age or intensity related at the most ?
thank you

One, I don’t recall anywhere that Dr Darden mentioned to only do 30-10-30 if you were a certain type of person.
Two, it would make more sense for you to ask CT what neurotypes are compatible with this type of training, as you are essentially asking Darden to make a determination about someone else’s training philosophies.


Great answer. I agree.

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Amazing answer ,by the way i,m asking Dr Darden
NOT your proffesional advice THANKS

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Great answer i agree either :slight_smile:

Apologies for coming off as abrasive. Didn’t mean to sound so blunt.


@flappinit you weren’t blunt.
Funny, too, that your response was Dr Darden approved!! :rofl:


This talk of Neuro stuff sparked my interest so I went the the other part of this forum ( which I rarely do) to see what it was all about . After going back and forth on quite a few threads I still have no idea what the heck they are talking about? It sounds like one of those topics I’m better off not knowing about, ha ha!

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Neurotyping is an assessment method created by Christian Thibaudeau that fine-tunes a training program to an individual’s neurotransmitters (brain chemicals). In a nutshell, some people should train a certain way due to how they’re “wired”, other people are wired differently so the same training plan wouldn’t work as well for them.

There was an article series discussing it in a ton of detail. He’s refined the process even further in the last few years, but this is a solid intro to the concept:

Hey thanks for the link! Now it’s starting to make sense! I know it’s premature but just scanning through a little bit of what was in the link I think I’m a type 3. Now I have to figure out what that means. It probably says in the fine print that this type guy should stick to tiddley winks, ha ha !

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it says , keep away from doing chins ! :rofl:

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Hah hah!!

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I did a little reading , and I mean a little, on the type 3 people , which seems to fit me the most, and it seems many things I must do effect my cortisol levels negatively and its not just when I’m working out. I have to look into cortisol and what it does. This could be something that’s been plaguing me a long time and I didn’t even know it?

@entsminger go to CT’s Thibarmy page and take the neurotype test. As mentioned, much has evolved since the original articles.

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If you’re concerned you may be a type 3, you’re probably really a type 3.

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I’ve been looking all over this site for the Neurotype test and all I see are questions about people’s results, I don’t see the test?

Originally neurotyping was determined by something called the Clovinger Temperament and Character Inventory. But it was a proprietary test only available from a psychologist. Christian Thibaudeau developed his own verion of the test, and you can take it via his personal web site (thibarmy.com)

I’m guessing there must be a cost to taking this test? There is a button that says take test but I’m hesitant to click it with out knowing what the cost might be?

The cost is like $10 or $20 so quite cheap. I knew what type I was before taking the test from watching his YouTube videos and videos from his website. I’m a very clear type 3.

From the little I’ve seen I think it’s pretty clear I’m a type 3 as well. There’s a few traits I have that fit better in 1 and 2 but by and large I think I fit 3 the best. I’m a worry wart and a perfectionist and I don’t take criticism well but what really did it for me is that type 3 people don’t take good criticism well either. Good or bad it’s very unnerving. What really concerns me more than how it effects my workouts is how my cortisol levels can be effected by my anxiety or a number of other things. I think I’ll have it removed, hah!