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Neurotype Workouts, I'm a Hamster on a Wheel

First off your writings are great. I purchased the neuro type test it I am kind of the chameleon type. I purchased the neurotype 2A workout routine and the days I train vary do to my schedule so it’s hard to follow and I honestly think I a more 2B. I love training and never get sick of it but I am 35 natural and I have thankfully been able to put up decent numbers without injury 415 bench, 525 dead 475 squat. Now I have switched it up have had periods de-loading and done all that good stuff. I have started keeping track of nutrition trying to be overall healthier due to a family loss. I just son’t know what direction to take my training in. I would love to get stronger but now I want to also be a bit leaner and more athletic currently 6ft1 240.

                              TYPE 1A	  TYPE 1B 	TYPE 2A	   TYPE 2B 	TYPE 3

Sub-total “Main” 8 6 11 44 -4
Sub-Total “Secondaries” 28 22 22 -6 -8
Sub-Total “Other” 27 29 25 14 13
TOTAL 63 57 58 52 1

To me that sounds like a 2A BUT with either high glutamate due to nutrition (did you use to drink lots of commerical coffee? Fast foods? Frozen meals? High doses of glutamine) or to stress which will impair the convertion of glutamate into Gaba.

I’m very similar to your results and that’s what happen to me. I have a lot of 2A or even 1B periods when stress is low but easily switch to a 2B profile when I’m under stress.

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Thanks for the replay and honestly up until recently my diet sucked. Yes I would eat out a lot ( because I work out or so I thought I could), I never ate enough veggies or fruits and I consumed far to much fatty and salty foods and way to much caffeine. I would drink diet drinks, and energy drinks ( I know now how bad of an idea that was). I do drink coffee a couple cups a coffee a day still but my caffeine consumption is less than 400mg now. I honestly have battled some mental issues more so in my youth but working out has been my medication and as the ROCK says “its cheaper than therapy”. so since working out is cathartic I like to train with a purpose. However, after a great workout where I hit my goals even if it’s in the morning I won’t be able to sleep well. So I will toss and turn wake up mind racing but then after a craps night sleep and long day at work and no intense workout I will sleep well and wake up refreshed and ready to train.

Yep that last bit it typical low Gaba. So the bad glutamate to Gaba conversion would make sense.