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Neurotype Test vs Genetic Test

Coach, all your info is great, especially on Neurotypes. I have taken the test twice and am a 2A Actor. On my genetic test reports though it says I have the slowest Comt (met:met) - worrier gene, and Actn3 (XX).

Could I be 1A or 3 but learned outside traits? What makes it more odd is that I played D1 Football as well as a defensive lineman/linebacker! (was not a starter).

Your thoughts would be appreciated!

Slow COMT will be either 1A (warrior) or 3 (worrier). The way the slow COMT affects them depends on other neurotransmitters.

Both are also poor methylators, leading to low serotonin and acetylcholine.

The ONE difference between 1A and 3 is the GAD enzyme level. 1A have a very efficient GAD system, leading to tons of GABA and low glutamate (super high conversion). 3 will be the opposite, hence why one is a “warrior” (uses adrenaline to fuel his desire/competitiveness) and the other a “worrier” (adrenaline leads to overthinking and even anxiety).

Does that mean that when the receptor is sensitive (depleted of GABA), 1A will be the same as type 3?

Both of these things are 100% true for me. Reading deeper into the neurotype stuff, i feel as if I am a type 3/1A split…which one is dominant is dependent on sleep, stress, etc. and may vary daily. The usual pattern is I ride the 1A bulldozer to accomplish a lot in life and the gym for a while, using adrenaline to get it done, and then crash into an over anxious type 3 until I get a few days of low-stress and good sleep to reboot. I am certainly a good amount type 3, but I am most definitely NOT a 2B.

Is this something you have encountered?

Coach. Thank you.

If there is an issue with GABA (depletion or conversion problems), yes, a type 1A will act more like a type 3… that’s when they are at a high risk of burning out or depression. A burned out 1A is a silent 1A. When a 1A is silent, it’s a bad sign.

Yep, very typical of a 1A.

Do you typically modify your 1A training recommendations for those who are more prone to burnout?

I always adjust volume and frequency to the individual. The neurotype is a starting point. I have a 1A athlete doing as little as 6 work sets per workout (total, not per exercise) 3 days a week.

Wow. I know I am guilty of overdoing the volume that I can reliably recover from, but that is low.

What do you do for guys like that who really like to train?

We use a higher training frequency.

Also consider that this is an athlete, not just someone who wants to build muscle and get strong. Meaning that he also sprints a few times per week, which decreases how much lifting volume he can do.