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Neurotype Test Results

Greetings coach CT

I have high dopamine sensitivity, but i think my receptors are fuck up, if i take 2g of tyrosine, or 10g i feel the same way!!

Do i have higher gaba or serotonin?

Can you help me understand the results

You could have desensitized dopaminergic receptors OR you could have a veyr high level of COMT and MAO A, leading to a super rapid degradation of dopamine and adrenaline. This could explain why you don’t get much of an effect from tyrosine. Have you noticed a change in your energy, motivation, competitiveness?

If i take it alone i notice an increase in focus an energy,but not in motivation and competitiveness, but if i add acetyl-l carnitine, choline and rhodiola ,i feel pretty good and my motivation is very high

until 5pm , here my energy and motivation is going down , and i have bjj at 7pm, and i don’t want(feel motivated)to go train, i love BJJ,but i tend to procrastinate alot…oh and yes i have adhd!

Since i’m doing your Srentgh and Power program i feel amazing and i’m love the gym because of you!