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Neurotype Test Results


Hi, I’m curious as to what my results indicate?

I thought I’d be type 1, more 1B but could see some 1A traits as well. However was injured at start of year and was unable to train and during that time I felt much more like a 2B

Would it suggest competitive natured 1B and more like type 2 when under stress?


Sub-total “Main” 48 47 24 26 30
Sub-Total “Secondaries” 16 34 24 36 -2
Sub-Total “Other” 37 31 26 14 9
TOTAL 101 112 74 76 37


To me that is a clear 1B… very high dopamine sensitivity (both 1A and 1B scores are high), high acetylcholine and very high serotonin (low type 3 score). You felt like a 2B when you couldn’t train likely because you didn’t get a dopamine stimulation. Also, let me ask you this: when you were under stress and didn’t train, did your eating became worse? Because nutrition can have an impact on glutamate levels which could bring out 2B properties.


Thanks for your reply CT. That makes a lot of sense and I think the high Dopamine sensitivity, and high Acet/Ser levels all ring true.

With regards the eating, for around 4 or 5 weeks post surgery my appetite was extremely low compared to normal. Once it improved I tracked my diet pretty strictly, to avoid gaining fat, which I do easily. (Had calories at maintenance and my macros around
20% CHO, 40% P, 40% F). I did notice that I if i ate any crappy food that day would turn into a binge, eating everything in sight, the packaging it came in and even considered eating the person who sold it to me.