Neurotype Test Results, 2A?

I’m guessing this is a 2A profile ? I’m also just wondering if you have any other insight on high or low neurotransmitters ?

Yeah that is likely the 2A actor profile. Meaning that he can change his behavior and personality easily to fit a situation or person. As opposed to the 2A passionate who changes his behavior simply based on his emotions and he doesn’t control it.

To me, and take it with a grain of salt because some of the results of the test can be from experience and not the genetic predispositions, would be:

Normal to moderately high methylation: this leads to a rapid clearance of adrenaline to give you a great sensitivity, it leads to higher serotonin and acetylcholine.This combination (serotonin + acetylcholine) gives great adaptability.

Fast COMT enzyme: leading to a rapid degradation/inactivation of dopamine and adrenaline once released. This helps maintain high dopamine and adrenaline sensitivity. Likely extremely good or productive under stress/pressure but tends to be lazy/procrastinate at times.

Deficient GAD enzyme: This could be genetic or due to excess stress over time or a diet that leads to too much glutamate. But glutamate levels are high and GABA is moderate to low. The glutamate + acetylcholine combo is great for creativity but glutamate + high adrenaline sensitivity makes you sensitive to mood swings.

From a neurotransmitters perspective my instinct would be:

Moderate dopamine sensitivity
High adrenaline sensitivity
High acetylcholine
High glutamate
Low to moderate GABA
Moderate to high serotonin

Wow. Amazing. Thank you and very spot on. This is my second time taking this, and the time before seemed a little skewed because had a lot going on.

If not genetic, and I got rid of stress, avoided glutamate raising substances, like you have mentioned in previous posts, I should not theoretically have as high of mood swings correct ? Or I at least need to keep adrenaline at bay when being creative so no mood swings.

BTW the contrast of how lazy I can be to how productive I can be catches many people off guard. Sometimes frustrating when people don’t get it but very entertaining.