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Neurotype Test Results: 1A or 2B?

Hi Coach,

I just took the neurotyping test and I am confused. Why does 1A have the highest "Sub total Main”? I understand that 2B is this highest scored overall but what would be the reason 1A have such a high number in the Main? Thank you.

|Sub-total “Main”|62|17|41|42|31|
|Sub-Total “Secondaries”|20|48|40|50|32|
|Sub-Total “Other”|27|10|35|42|23|

Yeah, that looks like a 2A because you have 3 high scores. I would argue that the 2B side will come out more during periods of stress (cortisol increases the sensitivity of the glutamate receptors which are responsible for the 2B emotivity) and if your nutrition is high in processed foods or sugar (which tends to increase glutamate production in the brain).

Would it be a good course of action for a 2B to take supplements that blunt glutamate production? If yes, could you please make a few suggestions. I’m a 1B and my 24 year old son is a 2B with college stress. I almost sent him off this semester with a bag of glycine thinking it would help him like it does me. Thankfully, I did some research first and found that would have been an idiot move on my part. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

There aren’t really supplements that blunt glutamate production. Well, exogenous ketones can by increasing the activity that converts glutamate into GABA (the same thing will happen on a keto diet).

My best nutritional advice is to avoid processed foods, commercial coffee, fast food as well as high sugar foods. While you don’t have to go keto, a lower carbs approach will also help.

Thank you so much for the reply! Dang… the dude likes his carbs (icecream). He’s not going to be thrilled about cutting carbs but is pretty open to experimentation, and he likes his 8 pack, so… :wink: