Neurotype Test Interpretation

Hey Coach. I hope that all is well with you. I wanted to ask if you could help me interpret my results for the neurotype test and if you have any recommendations of how I should train (lifting, cardio/conditioning, etc.) and/or peak. Just a little background of myself and my previous training just in case. I do prefer training in powerlifting and martial arts/boxing and can be quite strong, powerful and explosive, but have trouble training while stressed about other things in life. Please do not hesitate to ask anything if you have any follow-up questions. Thanks!


To me that’s a 2A who, when under low stress and under adrenaline becomes a 1A. When under stress or in a situation he is not comfortable in, he falls back to a 2B profiel and then stress is severe he will cut himself from the world, needs alone time and takes on Type 3 traits… the later normally occurs when the adrenergic receptors have been over stimulated and are now resistance. This is VERY much like me. When I give a seminar or I coach I am very 1A. When I’m in my normal behavior without much stress I’m a 2A and when stress starts to build up I’ll move toward a 2B personality. If I reach a type 3 personality I know that I’m in trouble

2As are the only one with such profile mobility

Thank you for the swift and insightful response! That sounds like me to the T. I’m pretty adaptable as many 2As seem to be, but my performance at a given time definitely depends on my mood and/or energy level at that time. It all makes complete sense.

So would you say that (given my particular situation) that I would need to autoregulate my training often depending on how I’m feeling at a given time, or is there a way to periodize someone like me?

Thanks again!

Christian you are a god. I wanted to do your test for weeks but I’m burned out and I think I would show as a type 3 even if I’m not normally. I often wondered why I have strong traits of all types and under stress get to 2b or 3 and in times of relaxation I’m a 1A. Now I know.

Bonjour Christian,
J’aimerais connaitre ton avis.
Est il possible de choisir un art martial et sport de combat en fonction de son neurotype ?
Bien à vous