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My name is Dimitris. This is my first topic in this forum. According to the test results I am a 2b (as you can see below). There is a high score on type 2a and type 3 as well. At the moment I am training with a full body split. I can train for 3 days a week only (Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday). I love train with medium weights, chasing for the pump, adding some techniques like dropsets, supersets, pre exhaust, etc… Actually I don’t like strength training at all ( for ex. 5x5, 5/3/1, 3x3, etc).
Which is your recommendation for a 2b with only 3 days a week for training?
Actually I don’t like classic bb splits. It’s a psychology thing for me I suppose. I can’t wait for 7 days to train a muscle group. I feel like I loose muscle… I know that I am not, but its a game of mind…

any help would be appreciated…

Lower-upper-whole body with free weight compound+isolation in first workouts, and machine compound+isolation in whole body session.

First part of the week a little heavy-ish (6-10, pyramid scheme, waves…).
Second part higher reps(10+ drop sets, slow eccentrics, pre-post fatigue, isometric hold + regular reps, post failure isometric hold, full + partial reps etc.)

Hope that helps.

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Excellent recommendation regarding the training split. BUT I would do the opposite: the whole body session would be more multi-joint exercises and the lower/upper session would include more machine isolation.

OR if you can also use the following split:

DAY 1 - Whole body
Squat (ideally, machine hack squat or leg press if squatting is like killing yourself)
Hip hinge (romanian deadlift for example)
Pressing exercise
Pulling exercise

DAY 2 - Pushing muscles

DAY 3 - Pulling muscles
Rhomboids/rear delts

On the whole body day I would recommend sets in the 6-8 range with a controlled eccentric tempo.

On the upper/lower days you can use more isolation/machine work with training methods likes rest/pause, mechanical drop sets, drop sets, supersets, myo reps, etc.


Now when I look at it, it makes much more sense. Multi joint on whole body, more demanding so less number of them (in total) can be used.

Thank you Coach, learning every day thanks to you.

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Thanks for the replies! I decided to do follow a program based on Paul Carter’s article " The Real Driver of Muscle Growth". I will stay on that program for a year. I created a topic on his forum almost a month ago.
Maybe neurotyping is not for me yet as a beginner.

It’s not that. The system helps you understand your personality and your brain chemistry and point you toward the best way to train or eat. But individual experience can also make you like one type of training better. And Paul’s program is great for a 2B, Paul being a 2B himself.


Thank you Christian!