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Neurotype Test Completed


My name is Dimitris. This is my first topic in this forum. According to the test results I am a 2b (as you can see below). There is a high score on type 2a and type 3 as well. At the moment I am training with a full body split. I can train for 3 days a week only (Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday). I love train with medium weights, chasing for the pump, adding some techniques like dropsets, supersets, pre exhaust, etc… Actually I don’t like strength training at all ( for ex. 5x5, 5/3/1, 3x3, etc).
Which is your recommendation for a 2b with only 3 days a week for training?
Actually I don’t like classic bb splits. It’s a psychology thing for me I suppose. I can’t wait for 7 days to train a muscle group. I feel like I loose muscle… I know that I am not, but its a game of mind…


any help would be appreciated…