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Neurotype Test, 2b or 3?

Hello CT, in a past post (a long one where you analyzed me as well as you could) you told me I am 2b.

I bought your test and my results would picture me as a textbook type 3.

What do you think is the most accurate neurotype for me?

By the way I am a hardgainer (I believe I have ACTN3 RR). How should I train considering my test results (neurotype) ? I want to increase my mass first while still being lean.

Thanks a lot for giving us your time.

Please, I would really appreciate any input and/or help, let it be from coach thibaudeau, a regular gym-goer or another fellow hardgainer.
Thanks for reading!

A hard gainer is ACTN3 XX… lower ratio of fast twitch fibers, less mTOR activation,slower muscle repair

Yep it’s indeed a textbook type 3. If you are indeed a hardgainer/ACTN3 XX I would recommend doing sets lasting 40-70 seconds of time under tension to maximize lactic acid build-up and use that and growth factors production instead of muscle damage to stimulate muscle growth.

CT, do you think the GVT plan adapted to neurotype 3 (in your thibarmy website) would work?

For strength training, what would work? Doing a main lift with skill work?

Do you have a training plan for strength that may work for me (type 3, ACTNXX)?

Thank you so much for your time, Ignacio.

Please someone help me, I am still unsure if the GVT plan (Type 3) is adequate for someone with the ACTNXX gene.
Has another Type 3 tried that program?

Honestly, it looks to me like you’ve spent the past 28 days wasting time. Would GVT work? Sure. Is it the most efficient for you as an individual? Probably not (only a truly individualized plan with meticulous structure and personalization would be), but it would still work. What is your current strength level and training experience?

Thibs has told you what type of reps would be ideal for your type, now just implement that approach on whatever program you choose and focus on that.

Thanks for the feedback. I had to travel to Brasil the last two weeks and I’m kind of cutting, probably until next week, so that is why I am asking, to prepare for a next mass phase.

I would say I’m just starting my intermediate phase, but I have been training consistently (minimum 4 times per week) since 2015.

In fact, I always overdo, and now that I know that I have the ACTNXX gene, it is obvious that it is even more counter intuitive for me. Being a type 3 is hard for me because I love to train very frequently, but again it doesn’t help me.

Have you experience working out as a type 3?

Thanks again, Ignacio.

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Gotchya. Have you ever tried constructing your own program? You seem drawn to maximizing efficiency of the work you put in.

I am actually a Type 2, so unfortunately I don’t think my experiences will be of as much value to you.

May I ask what your size and strength levels are currently at? Minimum 4x training a week for 3+ years is a solid start. Have you tried anything similar to GVT before? What splits have you tried?

I used to create my own programs based on principles, but I kept putting too much work in my training and then crushing after some 6 weeks or so. I’m kind of anxious of seeing results, so when I follow a program I’m always wondering if it is actually working or not (clearly, when talking about training I’m not patient).

Sounds like maybe your main focus should be dialing back on the frequency (maybe just 3-4 workouts a week), focusing on tension, volume, and proper recovery.

Maybe just use something like this as a template

I would say I’m skinny as hell now. I used to be around 67 kg, but I am now at 63-64 (always just after waking up). I am 178 cms tall.

I squat around 80 kgs for 5 reps, bench press 60 kgs x 9 reps, Deadlift 105 kg x 6 reps, 8 full range, slow eccentric chin ups.
When I was around 68 kg I could do around 90 kg x 5 in SQ, 70 x 8 in bench and 140 kg as a max in DL.

I have never tried GVT, but I have done full body routines, 5/3/1 plans, this program (https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/regular-guy-off-season-strength-program), the best damn workout for natties, several cutting programs, PHAT as well.
I do not know why but when I’m gaining mass I usually gain more fat than muscle, then I have to cut and I’m skinny again (like I cannot gain muscle lol). Maybe I really need to change training philosophies to account for my ACTNXX gene.

By the way, I count calories every single day, I’m very frustrated because it seems to me that I do not progress or very little at all.

I’m attaching a picture of current physique, just after waking up (I took it today actually), no flexing at all (anything). Comments?

Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate.

I can understand your frustration. It appears you’ve invested an immense amount of time and effort into all of this. What is your age, btw?

My initial thought is that you need to dial in even harder on your diet. Sure, genetics plays a part and you are a hardgainer for sure, Add in an extra protein shake before at least 2 of your meals. Get the extra banana (or 2 or 3) in after your workout or the extra 50g of maltodextrin. If you’ve kept track of your calories daily, you should already have a strong grasp of what keeps you at maintenance. Tinker with the macros (primarily periworkout nutrition) and I think you should see incremental changes in physique and performance.

This is just my own personal experience. Not a professional in any way shape or form.

I remember liking that hardgainer plan, but I do not have prowler or sled in my gym (here in Chile it is hard to find that equipment, particularly outside the Biggest city). I do not know how to substitute that part of the plan without changing it too much so it becomes hard for me to know if it will work or not.
I’m 23 years old by the way, training very consistently since 19. I guess I can do better with my macros, even though I eat plenty of protein (I would say around 1.3-1.5 per pound of bodyweight all year round). I think the only thing I do bad is to train in the morning but consume a lot of calories before bed (I usually eat sround 200 cooked grams of chicken, and 3 pounds of veggies, plus some rice).

Well thank you so much because of your help!

I’d give the program a shot. Substitute in weighted carries instead of the prowler. Go heavy and for short distances/time. Add in the quality calories with appropriate timing, and you should be good.

But doing weighted carries is more upper body focused right? Because prowler is more Lower body oriented.
I thought heavy bike intervals could work but I’m kind of conflicted because I remember reading Ct saying that cardio is not recommended for ACTNXX, particularly in the same training session that weights (better to separate them at least 8 hours if I recall correctly).

That is true, but if you notice the main lift for those days are upper body, and the weighted carry is the best alternative of conditioning for hardgainers, imo. As you note, other forms that might target the lower body are not ideal for hardgainers.

63 kg at 178 cm? How many calories are you eating per day?

I’d do any program even a beginner one and focus on getting enough food (3500 kcal+) in, preferably a lot of liquids.

To me it seems you just aren’t eating enough. Don’t be afraid to gain a few pounds of fat, you won’t see it if you put on a lot more muscle, which will happen if you train and eat enough. Trust the process

Thanks for the comment.

The thing is my maintenance seems to be around 2300 kcal per day, but once I start eating more than 2600 kcal per day my weight starts to go up very quickly!
It just seems I cannot build a lot of muscle, because when bulking everything I gain seems to be more fat than anything. That is why I’m searching for the best way to stimulate gains. Any way, I will certainly start bulking again in 2 weeks or so, this time trying to sustain it more longterm.

Usually I start bulking well but after 2 months or so I start gaining more fat. It is probably something like I start getting more insulin resistant, so I will do some kind of fasting on OFF days to try to counter attack that.

If you have any other advices I’m eager to hear!