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Neurotype Test, 2b or 3?


Hello CT, in a past post (a long one where you analyzed me as well as you could) you told me I am 2b.

I bought your test and my results would picture me as a textbook type 3.

What do you think is the most accurate neurotype for me?

By the way I am a hardgainer (I believe I have ACTN3 RR). How should I train considering my test results (neurotype) ? I want to increase my mass first while still being lean.

Thanks a lot for giving us your time.


Please, I would really appreciate any input and/or help, let it be from coach thibaudeau, a regular gym-goer or another fellow hardgainer.
Thanks for reading!


A hard gainer is ACTN3 XX… lower ratio of fast twitch fibers, less mTOR activation,slower muscle repair


Yep it’s indeed a textbook type 3. If you are indeed a hardgainer/ACTN3 XX I would recommend doing sets lasting 40-70 seconds of time under tension to maximize lactic acid build-up and use that and growth factors production instead of muscle damage to stimulate muscle growth.


CT, do you think the GVT plan adapted to neurotype 3 (in your thibarmy website) would work?

For strength training, what would work? Doing a main lift with skill work?

Do you have a training plan for strength that may work for me (type 3, ACTNXX)?

Thank you so much for your time, Ignacio.