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Neurotype Test 1B or 3?

Hello CT, I was reading about neurotypes and it was very interesting how things such as personality patterns, habits and things like that connect with training and nutrition, so I’ve decided to take the test, and got this results.

I have no clue about this, but I don’t see a huge gap between the type 1B and the type 3, I agree with the cortisol levels, and carbs tolerance, but disagree on exercise variation because I get so bored doing the same workout and I really like variation and heavy weights, how do you think will be my best option for workouts, keeping strict to a type 3 or mix a type 3 with a 1B.

Thanks for your time, and you are doing an epic job with this knowledge!

Did you think about 2A ? you’ve got a lot in sub total “main” and are pretty similar in all scores.

I let the expert tell us about that but it seems pretty 2A to me.

It’s a good point, but I don’t know, all my life I loved sports and physical activity, I’ve training in all kind of sports since I was young, and I didn’t have anxiety or things like that, even when I was a freshman, I had built a decent amount of muscle, but in some point in my life in the past years something changed, maybe all the responsibilities of growing up, and I agree with some aspects of Type 3 , specifically the worries, others are completely unrelated to me, so I don’t know how to read this accurately

None of this is really againts being a type 2A. My wife has pretty much the same results as you do.

She has been fond of sport all of her life, with pretty good track&field results (more in 400m than 100m though). Anxiety has only been an issue when aging. It is just to try to help you, you are the only one who can know :slight_smile: