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Neurotype Test: 1A, 2B Are Equal

I’m having trouble uploading the image of my results so I will type them out.

Type 1 A

Type 1B

Type 2A

Type 2B

Type 3

I’m actually really surprised by the results of this test. I thought for sure I was a 2A prior to taking the test. The thing I’m confused about is that my results are pretty much equal for 1A and 2B and then Type 3 is super close and very even across the board. What can you infer about these results?

Personality wise I am 90% 1A based upon your description but I definitely resonate much more with the lifting protocol for 2B. I don’t respond well at all to low rep strength work and I’ve never really done any explosive work. I was a cross country runner for years, not a sprinter, and never really did much dynamic explosive types of sports. I seem to make my best gains with higher rep pump work, high volume, high speed workouts but I burn out in 2 weeks unless I pace myself with an accumulation phase and intensification phase and then I can go 4 weeks tops.

As a random side note that might be helpful, and might speak to my nervous system. I’m 5’8, 158lbs currently. It’s taken a lot of dedication and work to even get to that weight btw. A few weeks ago I did a 200lb, 20 rep breathing squat. Yet my max is only about 230ish. It’s like I can recover very quickly and the 20 reps were just 20 singles with a little break in between. I’m not sure if that helps at all.

Thanks for any insight.

That is very similar to my results, pretty much high for 1A, 2B and 3, and low for 1B, but I am higher in 2A answers too. I suspect your results are still an indicator of type 2A, but interested to see what CT says.

Without starting another thread, I was hoping CT could tell me what it means when a 2A has a low score for 1B and high in 3 (basically high in everything but 1B but particularly what are the implications of having a high type 3 score?

Thanks for the response.

I was looking back on the thread with Ierazo and CT from a while back and I’m wondering if it was a similar scenario that CT said at the end about himself. That he thought he was a 2A but is bad at knowing himself and later realized he’s more of a 2b.
I find this trait to be true. I don’t think I read myself very well. My wife will often say “You don’t even know what you like”. I will think I won’t like something like a new food, a trip, clothes, a new netflix show etc. and then we go somewhere or order something, or watch something and more often than not I like it.

Actually my call would be 2A for the reason that you have 3 scores that are virtually equal (1A, 2B ,3) which indicates in90% of the time a 2A. It bascially shows a moderate level of dopamine and adrenaline sensitivity, fairly high glutamate, low GABA and moderate serotonin.

So my initial instincts were correct. I really appreciate the clarification!