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Neurotype Split Almost Equally

Hi CT :slight_smile: I rarely venture out of Pharma, but I’ve been curious as to your neurotyping protocols and how I could use them with my patients. I took the test myself and I found that I am spread almost exactly equally between 1A, 2A AND 2B (the totals are no more than 10 apart) haha. It’s complicated because I am confident and tend to be loud at times but I also love to listen and I feel it makes me a better physician. I’ve had several injuries throughout my career (ruptured tendons mostly) so I avoid very heavy work these days. I basically always train like a type 2B as that type is the most satisfying. The question is - what is really the best for me and how in the world do I plan a nutrition plan around multiple types :slight_smile:
Thanks brother


@physioLojik having an even spread is usually indicative of the type 2A personality, as it is the neurotype most adept at identifying with others. I’m the same way.

Correct. 2As are mimickers/chameleons… they can easily adjust their personality to a situation or person. So when they take the test it’s not unusual to have high scores in 3-4 categories.