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Neurotype Results, What's Dominant?

Hey Christian,

I recently received the results for your Neurotype test which I have included.

Having 4 types with relatively high scores makes sense for me as I found characteristics and traits from each type that seem to suit me and i could never really work out what type I was for certain.

For example my highest score was a type 3 which makes sense in the fact that everything in my life is routine and organised, i’m meticulous, i’m bit introverted and I’m a very disciplined person but I’ve played rugby league professionally and always enjoyed contact sports. I prefer explosive and strength training as opposed to bodybuilding style of workouts.

Before I got the results I believed I would be type 2a from listening and reading all the information you’ve shared.

From the information provided would you have an idea of what actually is my dominant transmitter. Or is it just a case of not having one?


This is a typical 2A who is under a lot of stress.

Basically you are very sensitive to adrenaline,you have high acetylcholine, high glutamate, low/moderate GABA and low serotonine.

I would personally not go for maximal lifting at the moment. You likely need a fixed template but allowing you some leaway in the selection of assistance exercises.

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Thanks for your response. The work you’ve done regarding neurotyping is amazing. Thank you for sharing your knowledge