Neurotype Results, Tied 1A and 1B


Hey Christian,

first off, congratulations on your concept of Neurotype. It’s well structured and thought out and the questionaire was designed nicely. That being said, would you elaborate on the the categories of the results, specifically, how the first, second and third categories relate to each other. Obviously, in my own results, I’m evenly split between 1A and 1B, except for the secondary category. Since this could be a tie breaker, I’d like to know what it actually represents.


That’s an interesting case. If you only look at the numbers you would say that you are type 1A. But the very high result in the main category of 1B indicate a high level of acetylcholine. The interpretation would be that you are VERY sensitive to dopamine and have a high level of acetylcholine which would make you a 1B.

The secondary characteristic of 1B is impatience.

Thank you for the response. Yeah, even without deeper understanding it stands out that the secondary characteristic is the outlier. As far as I understand, acetylcholine is associated with memory/multi tasking in your system, which definitely applies to me.

I’m defintely very dopamine sensitive. Thrill seeker and so on, but what’s also funny is my reaction to dynamic effort days in a conjugate training style, which cause me to be so amped up for most of the day I’m basically running through walls haha

So 1B would be the final verdict?