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Neurotype Results Help?

Hi coach and guys,

I recently discovered the neurotype concept and it blew my mind because it resonates a lot with internal intuition and observations these past years so thank you christian for this genius theory!
I believed based on the videos to be a 1A (very impatient and fast thinker, also very competitive) so I did the test to be sur.

Results say I’m indeed a 1A but 3 as a secondary type.
I don’t feel very stressed in life however the only type 3 characteristics that I can relate to are carbs requirements (low carb make me depressed and tired) and I like “routines” in life generally.
The training recommandations seems to be good for me (low volume high frequency heavy, weights) but the diet doesn’t seem to be good for me.
Any advice?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Type 1A and 3 are actually VERY similar from a neurotransmitter profile. Not unusual for a 1A to have a high type 3 score too. But the fact that your 1B score is also high confirms the 1A status… in fact the high 1B score is often due to a 1A having a very high self-esteem leading to overestimating his athletic capacities :slight_smile:

And I made some changes with the diet recommendations after analyzing the genetic profile of the neurotypes… Type 1A responds better to the same type of diet as Type 3… higher proportion of carbs

Great ! Thanks a lot for your quick answers coach!
Un grand merci de France :slight_smile: