Neurotype Question

Hi Coach,

can type 1b who eat daily about 500-1000 kcal from fast food, which is high in glutamate and stress. switch to type 2a or even 2b?


Not into a 2A but can develop 2B traits. They begin to take things more personal, they start to have mood swings, get more emotional, respond badly to failure, are hard on themselves. I’ve met quite a few 1A and 1B who also had high 2B scores because of high glutamate.

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what about libido loss, can glutamate affect it or is it a corisol issue?

It won’t affect it directly but it can affect it indirectly.

Glutamate is an emotional amplifier. It can make you moreself-conscious and hard on yourself. So if you had even only one sexual mishap, it could be enough to decrease libido because your brain associates sex with failure.

But it is more likely a cortisol issue or the fact that fast food can screw up your blood lipids an blood pressure which will negatively affect libido and sexual performance.

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Hi Christian,
I received a promo code this morning that I attempted to use for a Neurotyping Test, but I am receiving an error. Does the Neurotyping Test and the Neurotyping course need to be purchased together for the coupon to apply?

Dude I have no idea. I’m just about the most computer illeterate person in the fitness world. Contact, they will help you out

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