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Neurotype Question 2B - Online Neurotype Course

Thank you in advance.

My neurotyping test results, per Thibarmy, were:
Type 1A: 83 (principaux: 53, secondaires: 26, autres: 4)
Type 1B: 90 (principaux: 45, secondaires: 26, autres: 19)
Type 2A: 80 (principaux: 44, secondaires: 14, autres:22)
Type 2B: 124 (principaux: 51, secondaires: 48, autres:25)
Type 3: 91 (principaux: 14, secondaires: 40, autres: 37)

  1. Is this a clear cut case of 2B? I have been training for 23 years, Coach Poliquin ideology/certification for the last 6+ years. I find as I get older, mid 30’s, I have lost interest in bodybuilding training and respond better to and enjoy more functional hypertrophy undulated with periods of relative strength (example. hypertrophy 3w, relative strength 3w, functional hypertrophy 3w, relative strength 3w, done). Is it possible, as you age, if you’ve specifically been strength training vs. bodybuilding style for the past 6+ years that your body can start to take on more type 1 properties because of your training or is it more likely that I gravitated away from my natural neurotype and would do better focusing on building more muscle to increase strength and my physique?

  2. I completed the Neurotyping 1 and 2 online courses; I am starting the 3rd course this week. If I am a type 2, in addition to low GABA, I no doubtedly have low serotonin (depression). What are some supplements I could use to bring up my serotonin? You mentioned to fix serotonin first, then gaba.

  3. Type 2B is high glutamate. Does this have any correlation with the fact that when I’ve previously tried Alpha-GPC as a preworkout, for an extended period of time, that I became unbearably anxious and depressed! I lost all focus, concentration, and literally went insane.

  4. I tried the morning tyrosine test and I felt like 1 million bucks. What is the upper limit you would suggest to take daily in the morning? Is 10g a day, everyday, overkill? I have been combining is with rhodiola, B6, and mucana.

  5. Anything I can do to bump up my adrenaline? Or, if I am a type 2B, is the best path boosting dopamine from which my body can make more adrenaline?

Anyone who is interested in Neurotyping should no doubt take your online course. It was phenomenal. Thank you for the quality information.

To me this looks more like a 2A (like me). But a 2A with higher glutamate. You essentially have 4 similar scores, only 2As have that. As such, it is not unusual to lose interest in one type of training. When something is no longer exciting for you, you lose interest.

Here’s the thing. Addressing serotonin IS important, BUT it can backfire if you do it the wrong way. Supplements that increase serotonin (tryptophan, 5-HTP for example) will also lower dopamine (on the other hand, supplements that increase dopamine will lower serotonin).

What I find ideal is to serotonin-boosting supplements on off days (3 days per week) and dopamine boosting supplements on 2-3 workout days to prevent lowering dopamine.

Honestly this is a super complex issue that I do not fully understand. Acetylcholine speeds up brain transmission and as such it would amplify the “side effects” of any neurochemical imbalances (imagine if the wheels of your car are slightly misaligned; it won’t be much of a problem if you are driving at 10mph but it could be disastrous at 100mph).

Read my previous answer to the serotonin question. If you boost dopamine too much/too often, you will lower serotonin. You could go high in dopamine precursor, but only 3 days a week.

You are more likely a 2A. If you produce too much adrenaline you might lose your sensitivity which will essentially castrate your brain.

You could use Quercetin to increase the duration of action of adrenaline (slowing down the COMT enzyme). This can help the 2A who normally clears it really quickly (hence their great sensitivity), but you can’t do that too often because it might lead to desensitization.

If you are a 2A with Slow COMT, does it just make you more “calm” and program hop less for instance?

2As are not slow COMT. Genetically they have fast COMT which means that they break down adrenaline easily and that is the source of their high adrenergic sensitivity, which is their main characteristic.

Quercetin slows down the activity of COMT, but it doesn’t make the 2A into a slow COMT person.

Thank you very much for the response—I wanted to finish the nutrition course before replying. Being a 2A makes complete sense; I identified with virtually every anecdote you shared during the lectures.

  1. I love your suggestion of serotonin boosting supplements on off days; three days per week for me (although, two of those days are some light strongman conditioning or neural charge work) and dopamine boosting supplements on training days.

How does this look (if dosage is dependent on size, I’m 6’3”, 240#, lean):

Dopamine boosting days (4x per week):
Tyrosine: 2g pre-workout
Mucana pruriens: 1,000mg
Phenylalanine: 500mg
Rhodiola: 100mg (maybe I should up this?)

Serotonin boosting days (3x per week)
5-htp: 600g split into two 300g doses, taken at last two meals
Glycine: I take 5g after every workout and 5g with last two meals
Theanine: 600mg – 200mg at meals 1, 3, and 5

Lower Glutamate/boost gaba (daily)
Tried keto many times—can do it through sheer willpower, my body hates it, I get depressed (which makes sense now), and my body does not do well digesting high fat.
Magnolia bark: 600mg split into two 300g doses
Lemon Balm: 600mg daily
PharmaGABA: 250mg 3x day
Ketones: only pre-workout on training days

Taurine: 2g post-workout OR 2g before bed on non-training days
Theanine: I was going to take the 600mg everyday since it balances excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmitters
Vit C, Magnesium (glycinate and taurate), B6 (pyridoxine), Vitamin D, Probiotic

  1. Do you drink coffee? Previously, I have always had coffee pre-workout; I skipped it the other day, had exogenous ketones, and I had a better energy! Downside is, I LOVE coffee. You?

  2. I am going to try intermittent fasting on my off days only. I want to see if I truly am potentiated by it. I previously had an athletic performance career and would always lose my appetite before an event. I would force myself to eat and I wonder if fasting would have led to a better performance.

Do you eat anything at all during your fasting time? Would collagen powder or a greens/fruit powder mitigate the benefits?

  1. It’s really fascinating to look at the advice of some very successful strength coaches and being able to pinpoint their neurotype and understand why some of their advice has personally worked while other advice fell flat or actually had negative effects.

  2. Do BCAA deplete dopamine and serotonin? Would they interfere with any of the above protocols? I use a complete amino blend, with 5000mg BCAA 2:1:1, in my intra-workout shake in lieu of carbohydrates when performing more neurological work.


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