Neurotype Nutrition

Hello, CT
I remember reading either an article or a response from you regarding cutting, maintenance, and a bulking for each Neurotype. You gave macro percentages (if I remember correctly). I thought I had it bookmarked but I can’t find it. Do you recall it?
Anyone’s help would be appreciated. Thank you.

This article has links to the specific articles about each type, which includes general diet recommendations. If you go to his site he has more in-depth articles about the recommended diet for each type and examples for each, if I’m not mistaken.


Thank you.
That wasn’t the article but your comments directing me to his site lead me to find exactly what I was looking for. :+1:

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Can you post the link to that article?

Yes, but the system has evolved A LOT since then. The basic science is still valid but there is so much more info now. Might need a rewrite


Yes. I believe a rewrite is in order!! Add that to your list of 1,652,890 things to do today :grimacing:
Always appreciate you, and your genuine desire to help/teach, CT.

Yeah, I just figured I’d link the TNation article since I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to link outside fitness sites on the forum.