Neurotype Help

Hi Christian,

I’m having some trouble selecting programs that may be best for me. The results of my Neurotype test are below.
I seem to be extremely similar in percentages for all the Neurotypes. Have you seen this before? Based on the results, could you give me a list of some the the programs you’d recommend most for me out of all the ones you have written?
My overall goal is to build muscle mass and gain strength. I’m very explosive (11ft+ broad jump and 40”+ vertical). I seem to grow best when I’m operating on the lower rep ranges. Any help is appreciated!!

This is common for 2As, which are chameleons and have a very balanced neurotransmitter profile that make them have traits of all the neurotypes, likely changing their personality depending on the situation/person.

The reason why the test said that you were a 2A is NOT because the 2A score is the highest, but because you have equal results in 3 profiles or more (all 5 in your case)

Thank you very much. That makes total sense. I know you have said before that 2A Types can have success with almost any program as long as there is variation. But in regard to building muscle and strength, are there any in particular that are your favorites for a 2A? Would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you!

It’s really more about finding a program that excites you. Excitement and interest is key for 2A

All of your programs excite me haha

I believe periodized powerbuilding would be a great option for you, based on the goals you have and your muscle fiber dominance. The main goal of this program is strength development but there’s also some functional hypertrophy work built into it, making it well suited for your goal and the rep ranges you tend to grow best at.

A great second option would be the neurotype 2A program because it is tailored specifically to your neurotype.

Lastly, periodized bodybuilding would also suit your goals albeit with slightly higher rep ranges and more volume.

It really depends on what strength quality is more important to you.


Thank you very much for those suggestions! Those programs look very interesting. I will look into them further. Thanks again!