Neurotype Explanation Charts?


I was just wondering if there was a PDF or a document of some sort that contained the explanations of each neurotype like I posted above? I am new to the concept and I thought the example I posted was a very good summary of the neurotype. I would love to dig deeper in understanding the other neurotypes.

Thank you and have a good one!

It’s from the seminars I give.

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Thanks for the reply! Any upcoming seminars coming up? I would love a more in dept explanation on the neurotyping concept.

Is there some guidance on how to interpret results that fall into the 30% that doesn’t have a clear dominance? I have not been to a seminar, but recently completed all three online programs.

For example: how similar do 3+ scores need to be to qualify for being type 2a? Within 10 points? More?

Another example: if only two scores are within a couple points: lets say 1A is 89 and 1B 87, but in the “Main” category, 1A is 30 and 1B is 65, which do you go with? 1A or 1B?

I’m interested as I have had a couple clients take the test thus far and plan on having everyone in my facility take it when we’re able to re-open. I’m not certain how to interpret some of the results that are not clear cut and I don’t feel you have the time or inclination to decipher every single one in an online forum :smiley:

Thank you in advance.

The online courses 1, 2, and 3 are great!

Which one was your favorite?

Honestly, need to do them all.

The first one is the understanding of neurotyping.

The second applies it to training.

The third applies it to nutrition.

Although the second and third do give an overview/summary of neurotyping in the beginning, I found that the first course was invaluable to a deeper understanding and the constant repetition is what ultimately leads to retention.

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Well, not at the moment because of the COVID situation. I do have an online course on my Thibarmy website

Greetings, with respect. Please interpret my neurological type too …