Neurotype Crossover?

Firstly thank you Thibs for all of the amazing and easily understood articles and programs over the years, your work and words have made my time in and out of the gym even better!

I’ve been revisiting some of your older articles regarding Neuro types recently and have a question(that’s probably already been answered sorry).

Going by the basic description of the neuro types in your article ‘nonstop natural gains:the neuro typing system’ in my regular or non gym life I fall pretty comfortably into type 1 however in training the best results I have ever made have been by doing almost exactly what you say shouldn’t be happening ie. 5/3/1. I used Jims program for 18 months or so with awesome results both in PRs and in body comp but I got a bit to keen to get back to the gym after being hit by a particularly nasty dose of the flu which ended with a herniated disc in my lower back. long story short I haven’t been able to get the fire(or lower back health) back enough to get into consistent 5/3/1 training.
So my question is, do you think people can crossover between 2 types in different aspects of life? and if so, given my previous results, do you think I should do a similar style of training to 5/3/1 or would something like Doggcrapp be worth a shot given the variety of exercises?

sorry for the long winded question and thanks again!

I’m also a type 1 and I’m with you on 531. I like to just smash shit day in day out and look at a spread sheet that goes 52 weeks out. What I would recommend is get 5/3/1 forever so you can just do 5/3/1 but choose a different program every block. You will get the variety with out having to really switch programs and fuck with your head. I say this but I can barely make it 3 weeks before I start thinking too hard about exercise selection due to my minimalist approach so good luck.

The article on T-nation was written when I was first developing the system. While the info is still valid it actually goes A LOT deeper than this now. A type 2A can often get mistaken with a 1B for example. I have some videos on my website, but for the most up-to-date info you’d have to go to one of my seminars or online course (no this isn’t a sales pitch).

I thought as much and I did end up finding some newer articles and forum posts about the topic which have been an insight. I’ll definitely be buying the test soon and getting involved on the results forum thread once I have. once my schedule calms down a little I’ll jump into the online course for sure(no sales pitch needed, I can see its worth without one haha).
I actually just missed you when you were in melbourne a little while back, I was the guy(or one of the many) who was talking with you and Tim Diegan about your seminar but I unfortunately wasn’t able to make it.