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Neurotype Compatibility

I just saw you perfect video about natural coaching style for each neurotype on thibarmy.

Can you elaborate more on compatibility of neurotypes?

I 2A love coaching 2As the most. They like excitement like me, we validate each other more… With 1As I sometimes feel like that they dont want lots of feedback from me, like I more “letting them to do their own thing”. With 3B I need more patience, calm them more then excite…

What are exact compatibility relationships? And how you as 2A deal with these rebellious 1As which dont validate you enougth?

2As are the best at adapting to other neurotypes when coaching because they easily adapt to others. BUT it is harder to work with 1As and 3s. The first ones because they like to feel thart they are responsible for their own success and give very few compliments while the 2A needs to feel useful, appreciated and important.

With 3s it is more a matter of program design because 2As love variation and that’s how their brain works whereas the 3s do not want/need variaiton, so it’s very counterintuitive to train them. BUT the aspect of needing a ton of info (type 3) is good for a type 2A because it makes them feel useful and important.